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Eating while walking: is it really that unhealthy?

Eating while walking is not unhealthy in and of itself, but the accompanying circumstances are often. People who eat while walking eat their meal on the side. The reasons for this are mostly time pressure and hectic everyday life. In addition, the foods that can be eaten on the go are quite often high-calorie snacks or fast food.

If you eat while walking, you often eat the food too quickly, and you tend to eat more than necessary and too unhealthy. It takes some time for the body to realize that it has consumed enough food. If you eat too quickly, you have often already eaten significantly more than you actually need when you later feel that you are naturally full. As long as healthy vegetable sticks are nibbled on the way, that's not a problem.

For snacks in between, however, foods containing fat and sugar such as hamburgers, doner kebabs, croques, wraps, pizza and sweets are mainly offered. In moderation and as part of a balanced diet, fast food is not necessarily unhealthy. The bigger problem is that immediately after eating a quick meal while walking, you don't really feel satiated. The temptation is great to get another serving after a short time and thus to consume an unnecessary amount of fat, sugar and calories.

Apart from that, the food should not only be used for food intake, but also be enjoyable and fun. This works best if you consciously take the time to eat - that is, sit down in peace, chew and taste every bite properly and take a sip of water in between. This way you can tell faster when you are full. Conscious eating habits help maintain a healthy weight in the long term without having to forego certain foods.