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As the Imperial prison ship Purge - on which five hundred of the most brutal and dangerous murderers, rebels, villains and thieves in the galaxy are currently incarcerated - suffers machine damage in a remote, uninhabited part of space, a Star Destroyer also stranded there seems to be the only hope, even if he gives up and abandoned acts. But as a boarding party the Purge When sent on the warship to look for spares, only half the people come back, bringing with it a terrible disease so deadly that in just a few hours all the crew and prisoners aboard the Purge perish in an unbelievably gruesome way.

And death is just the beginning ...

The few survivors of the Purge - two teenage brothers, a sadistic captain of the guards, two smugglers and the chief doctor - will now do whatever it takes to stay alive. But nothing has prepared them for what is waiting for them in the groaning non-emptiness of the Star Destroyer. Because the dead rise: soulless, unstoppable and indescribably hungry ...

This book is also in German under the title The death cruiser published.

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