How tired is too tired

Always tired? That is behind the spring fatigue

For a long time it was believed that we suffered from spring fatigue because we didn't eat enough fruit and vegetables in winter. The empty vitamin and mineral stores should trigger the complaints. However, doctors now suspect that the imbalance of two hormones makes us tired. The two messenger substances are the "sleep hormone" melatonin and the "happiness hormone" serotonin.

Springtime tiredness - is it due to the messenger substances and hormones in the brain?

"Serotonin is responsible for activating the body and for a good mood. This neurotransmitter is produced under the influence of light," explains Dr. Bernd Ahrens, specialist in psychiatry and neurology from the TK-Ă„rzteZentrum. "And melatonin ensures that we can sleep well at night," the doctor continues.

In the spring, the relationship between these two neurobiologically active components begins to falter. It takes the body about two to four weeks to get used to it and to rebalance. And by the time that happens, some people are particularly tired, have circulatory problems, and suffer from headaches. As soon as the internal clock is adjusted again, the springtime tiredness should subside again.

That helps against spring fatigue

However, you do not have to wait idly until your neurobiogical household is back in balance. On the contrary: the more active you are, the faster you can leave springtime tiredness behind. That means: soak up the sun whenever the opportunity arises.

It is advisable to expose the face, cleavage and arms to direct sunlight. Twenty minutes a day is a good target. Dr. Bernd Ahrens

Important: It is best not to put on sunglasses during this short period of time. The body must also absorb light through the retina of the eyes in order to be able to produce serotonin.

More tips:

  • Alternating showers and visits to the sauna train the blood vessels
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables support the metabolic processes (even if the stores are not - as previously assumed - exhausted)
  • Drink enough (approx. 1.5 to 2 liters) to prevent tiredness and poor concentration

Psychiatrist Ahrens also advises: "It is also useful to have the right attitude towards spring fatigue, because the head also plays an important role. Not everyone feels able to cope with all of its new challenges and activities in spring after it has been richer in the winter months at home Has made food comfortable. "

By the way: Even if you are really tired during this time, an afternoon nap is not a good idea. This is because the body produces melatonin again and uses serotonin at the same time.

See a doctor if you are tired for a long time

If the supposed spring fatigue lasts longer than two to four weeks or does not only occur in spring, you should see a doctor. The tiredness may have other causes. Because diseases such as depression or thyroid dysfunction can also make themselves felt in a similar way.

Dr. Johannes Wimmer on spring fatigue

Our YouTube doctor has also dealt with the phenomenon of spring fatigue. You can find his tips in the following video: