Requires Samsung Android

Setting up and using "Phone Screen" in the "Your Smartphone" app

Phone screen, you can interact with your favorite Android apps and device content right on your PC Wi-Fi over a network connection.

In order to be able to use "phone screen", you have to meet some requirements:

  • A PC with Windows 10 October 2018 Update or higher, however, it is always recommended to update to the latest version available.

    • To check and update your version of Windows, go to Settings> Updates & Security> After Update on your PC search.

    • To make sure that you are running Windows 10 October 2018 Update (or later), select on your PC Settings> System> Info and check the version number under Windows specifications. It should show either 1809 or higher.

    • Your PC also needs a graphics card (GPU) that supports DirectX11. Here's how to check your version of Direct X.

  • Your Android device and PC must be connected to the same WiFi network.

  • You need a supported Android device. Check the list of supported devices to see if your devices are working.

On the PC:

  • Open the App phone, and switch to phone screen.

  • Follow the setup instructions. You may receive a permission request to access information on your Android device. If you allow these permissions, Phone can display your app content from your device.

If you're having trouble setting up your phone screen, these troubleshooting tips may help.

Which devices are supported?

The phone screen is available on Android devices in select markets running Android 9.0 or higher where Link to Windows installed (some devices may have it preinstalled).

Here are some examples of devices on the Link to Windows is installed and working with the phone:

  • Surface Duo

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

You can find the full list of available devices here.

How do I interact with the phone screen?

You can use your PC's mouse, trackpad, keyboard, or touchscreen to interact with apps.

Tips for interacting with the mouse and keyboard:

  • A single click corresponds to tapping the touchscreen

  • Right click Right-click anywhere on the Android device screen to navigate to the previous page.

  • Click and hold opens a context menu

  • Click and hold and drag is used to select text

  • Scroll with the mouse moves the screen vertically

Some games and apps may not respond to mouse or keyboard interactions that are connected to your PC. You have to use a touch screen to interact with it.

For your Surface Duo:

Gestures, e.g. For example, those used to go to the Back or Home screen on the device can be replicated with the mouse on the PC by quickly clicking and dragging from the edge of the screen window of your Android device. If you have problems replicating, we recommend that you try the Navigation with three buttonsto activate:

You can turn on three button navigation on your Surface Duo for easier interaction. Switch to SettingsDevice too System> Gestures> System Navigation, and activate Navigation with three buttons.

How do I change the keyboard language or keyboard layout?

When typing on your PC's keyboard, the layout and language are controlled by a setting on your Android device for physical keyboards. The language of the keyboard that you use on your PC is not affected.

You can click the Keyboard Language button when using the Phone Screen feature. This will open the keyboard language settings where you can select the language you want.

If you use a physical keyboard with the Your Phone app, you can manually change your language or layout settings at any time.

On your Android device:

  1. Open Settings> Your>for general administration and inputs.

    • If you have a Surface Duo, switch instead Settings> System.

  2. Under Keyboards, tap Physical keyboard.

  3. Select the keyboard that you use on your Android device (e.g. SwiftKey, Microsoft Virtual Keyboard, or Samsung Keyboard).

  4. Choose a language or layout.

You will need to change this setting every time you want to use a different layout or language.

Tip:If you've added language or layout view to phone, you can use SHIFT + SPACEBAR to switch between languages.

Why is my device screen turned off while using Phone Screen?

There is an option to have the screen of your Android smartphone go black when you are connected to "Phone Screen". In this state, the screen appears to be off - this is to protect the privacy of the content of your personal phone and to minimize power consumption.

Interact with the black screen

In the event that you need to interact directly with your Android phone, there are several ways to close the black screen:

  • Press the power button

  • Swipe the device screen

  • Activate Bixby

However, if you get a call while the black screen is active, the screen will appear normally.

Disabling the black screen

If you want to use the smartphone display without showing the black screen, please follow the steps below.

On the PC:

  1. Open Settings in the "Your smartphone" app.

  2. Look in the section Phone screen the option "Hide the screen of my Android device while it's connected to my PC." Turn this switch on Out. You can change this setting at any time if you want the black screen to reappear.

    Note:This setting is for Surface Duo not available.