Has a cell of consciousness

The intelligent consciousness of the cells - release blocked energies and find inner balance


First of all, I have to admit that I have a clear advantage with this foreword to Luis Diaz's book. Usually the foreword is only used to promote a book. In this case, however, I have background information on the author's life. I've known him for many years, we were together in groups of men, we went swimming in the South Yuba River, we still eat together today and hike in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

I have met many very good authors who have developed excellent methods. But the question always arises to what extent they actually live what they write about.

For example, someone is writing a book about emotional freedom. How do you think he reacts when someone insults him? Or someone else writes about success and trust, but how does the author himself deal with the little disappointments in life? That's the question a book is about for me. It all sounds fantastic, but how much of what is written is actually implemented in life? My personal advantage is of use to me here, but also to you, dear readers, because this book is not just a theoretical treatise on cellular memory sharing. The author who writes here evidently leads a relaxed, contented life. You can tell from the way Luis Angel Diaz spends his time, how he treats a waitress in a restaurant, how he devotes himself to his children. Being with Luis makes you realize that he didn't just write the book out of gray theory, but from a slightly different perspective on life.

This is an important point because we often seek advice from people who do not necessarily live what they know themselves. At a conference last year, I heard a nun from India speak. A young woman in the audience got up and asked the following question: "I would like your advice, I have just become a mother and I want to know how to raise my daughter." The nun then spoke for five minutes on the subject of raising children. I felt like something was wrong with this situation. If I was looking for advice on raising children, the last person I would ask would be a nun from India. But that's exactly what we're doing. When it comes to money, we take the advice of a humble master, we listen to a relationship therapist who lives as a die-hard single. We're looking for answers in the wrong places.

The nice thing about this book is that it not only conveys words, but actually reflects what has been experienced by a person who has been through everything and came out at the other end of the tunnel. He continues to practice his knowledge in his life. In this book he would like to take you on a journey with him.

I want to explain to you why it is worth taking the time to read and how it differs from other books. First of all, this book helps one to free oneself from one's mind instead of surrendering to it in an undisciplined manner. It has been noticed in the last few decades how strongly we are influenced by our thoughts and beliefs. This discovery began with Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Get Rich" and culminated in the popular film "The Secret". Suddenly everyone seemed to understand that you can create your life with your own thoughts. When you change your mind, you change your life with it. This seems logical, it is obviously true. In general, if you repeatedly harbor negative and depressing thoughts, you will not experience very many positive things. If, on the other hand, you are happy and in a positive mood, you experience pleasant things. From this we conclude: "It is good, if I cultivate positive, constructive thoughts, I can also lead a happy life." At first glance, this attitude seems logical, but it has its limits. The Russian philosopher George Gurdjieff once said: »People live in a prison cell they created themselves. And almost everyone is satisfied with moving the furniture in their cell occasionally. They call it freedom. ”Almost any book, new practice, or teacher who talks about limiting beliefs will ask you to transform your negative beliefs into positive ones in order to become happy. This is what Gurdjieff means by moving your own furniture in the prison cell. There are two basic constraints involved. First, if you live mainly in the restrictive concepts of your mind, then you are cut off from a far greater source of creativity and power. Second: Beliefs only work in polarity, i. H. if you cling to positive beliefs, like a bungy rope, you cling to negative beliefs. The more you cling to the idea of ​​wealth, love and the best of health, the more fear of poverty, loneliness and disease will build up in you.

This book is a rare example of a burgeoning branch of knowledge that I would like to call "translucent." The word translucent does not mean completely opaque, but neither does it mean completely transparent. For example, stained glass starts to glow when light falls on it. It lets light through, but retains its own quality.

One could say that a person or an approach becomes translucent when it is penetrated by light. In this book, Luis is not showing you how to change your beliefs, but how you can break free from the soil on which beliefs thrive. It will actually make your life easier and achieve what you set out to do. This does not happen through the transformation from negative to positive, but through recognizing the basis of our being, from which all beliefs arise.

This book bridges the gap between material well-being and spiritual awakening. We either work with techniques to improve our lives or to relax and indulge in the mysterious, mystical level of being that we call awakening. With this little book you will have the practical tool to change the quality of your mind and get rid of it at the same time. The split between spirit and a happy, harmonious life, in which partnership, money and health are in balance, is removed. When we apply the exercises of Luis Angel Diaz to bring the polarity between awakening and material demands together, both will be fulfilled. We find that we cannot actually lead a really balanced life without being connected to the source of life. You cannot truly be connected to the source of life when your material life is in chaos. It will keep you distracted.

This book is an example of a new kind of synthesis, a new kind of integration. Through this you will see how you harm yourself through the separation of body and mind, of awakened being and material well-being, of universal love and purposeful partnerships. You will learn how you can create an integrated whole out of it.

In addition, this book is designed to be practical and will help you implement it. Luis likes to tell the story of a small village whose water supply was contaminated by a fungus. Two experts were called in to assess the situation. One of the experts advised adding more water to the reservoir in order to increasingly flush out the contaminated water. The other expert recommended eliminating the fungus completely in order to have fresh water again. Luis asked his students with a mischievous look in his eyes which approach would be the more effective. Of course, almost everyone was in favor of the second. We all want to be happy, have good relationships, make good money, and enjoy good health. So we focus on how we can achieve these things. But they come naturally when we pay attention to what's in the way. It is your birthright to have a loving partnership. It is your birthright to experience contentment and abundance. Health is also part of your birthright. The point is to see what's in the way and then resolve it. Luis always has your full potential in mind and helps you to recognize your hindering blockages. Then the rest can happen on its own. In this way you will experience systematically and reliably how you can dissolve the pain body without getting lost in the drama of who-has-inflicted-what-when-and-why-to-whom.

With the help of this book, you will regain confidence in the natural wisdom of your body. Just as your body stores pain, it also has a natural intelligence. If you tune into this intelligence and trust it, the body will resolve the pain on its own and ...