What are the best TV soundtracks

These are the 10 Netflix shows with the best soundtracks - according to Spotify

Photo courtesy of Netflix
If you search a terrific series on Netflix, it will ideally haunt you for weeks in your head - especially if it has given you a few stubborn earwigs along with it.
A soundtrack remains, even after you've looked through the series or film for a long time. Background music for your daily walk around the block? Background music for your everyday home office? The melodic motivational kick for your home workout? Instead of clicking your way aimlessly through Spotify, just try something that you already know and have found to be good - the soundtrack of your favorite Netflix series.
You don't even need to find out for yourself which series are best for this. Trust those who have already asked and answered the same question - and just take a look at the Spotify click numbers for the respective Netflix soundtracks.
First place goes to - who would have thought? - Stranger Things. On average, the songs come from the 80s-heavy soundtrack (like Material girl from Madonna or Every Breath You Take by The Police) to an impressive 87 million streams on Spotify.
Right behind it lies Dead Girls Don't Lie (13 Reasons Why): Here you can hear Billie Eilish, The Clash and Selena Gomez, among others, and have an average of almost 60 million streams per song. And let's be honest: With Selena Gomez as producer could the series only have fantastic music.
Black Mirror lands in third place, with around 48 million streams per song. The soundtrack is particularly versatile. So if you need a bit of mood change, this is the show for you!
Read the top 10 Netflix series soundtracks below. The figures were compiled by the OnBuy.com online shop.
1. Stranger Things (87 million streams)
2. Dead girls don't lie (59 million streams)
3. Black Mirror (48 million streams)
4. Sex Education (37 million streams)
5. Orange Is The New Black (34 million streams)
6. House of money (26 million streams)
7. Peaky Blinders (24 million streams)
8. The Crown (21 million streams)
9. Dark (13 million streams)
10. The Queen's Gambit (11 million streams)
And psst: It shouldn't be long before the soundtrack closes Bridgerton ends up in this list with his classical versions of modern songs!