Why was Decide com shut down

Battery consumption when the HP laptop shuts down from Ubuntu but not Windows

Another user with an HP Pavilion was loosing 10% battery overnight. Apparently there was no BIOS configuration for Wake-on-LAN and they had to use this method:

The logical name starting with is for Ethernet which means "LAN". The logical name starting with is for WiFi which is of no concern.

Then take the Ethernet / LAN logical name and pass it to the command:

In my case "Wake on LAN" is not turned on but if yours shows:

That means "Wake-on-LAN" is turned on and like the OP is loosing `0% battery per night you are loosing the 5% per day.

To turn off "Wake-on-LAN" the OP used:

  • Remember to substitute with your logical name from step 1. above.
  • stands for "Wake-on-LAN".
  • The stands for.

ArchLinux has an extensive write-up about Wake-on-LAN.

Why would you use "Wake-on-LAN"?

Some servers will want to wake up client PCs overnight and install new programs on them overnight or update files.

USB turned off in Windows, left on in Ubuntu

A user on Tom's Hardware reports that when Windows shuts down all USB powered devices power off. However when Ubuntu 16.04 shuts down USB powered devices stay powered on.

To confirm if this is happening in your case, attach a USB powered device such as a cell phone or mouse to all USB ports and see if they are powered when Ubuntu shuts down the computer.

Less likely scenerios

  • Wake on USB
  • Wake on wireless LAN

I've experience during the system doesn't finish the process. When the system resumes it completes the process. You should check your or to ensure everything shutdown properly and was powered off. You can also check to look at the end of previous boot. Use to look at the start of current boot.

Background: systemd suspends system but upon resume kernel then enters sleep and wake-up