Entertaining breweries in Cologne

The "Rolls Royce" among the Cologne
Brewery tours - get on board:

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The Cologne old town & brewery hike is not a brittle tourist tour through breweries, but an entertaining immersion into the soul of Cologne's old town.

An unforgettable city tour for
private groups companies authorities associations, etc.

This is ensured by Michael Dirkmann, who has been a humorous fireworks display on his tours for over 20 years "Köbes, Kölsch and Klüngel" ignites. In this unique "Comedy show" The traditional breweries in Cologne's old town serve as a red thread for Anecdotes and interesting facts from over 2000 years of Cologne City history and brewing tradition since the medieval times.

But also questions like "What is the house number of the cathedral?" or "Why do you say: It's blue?" are asked and answered in a relaxed and amusing way during this tour. A tour of the old town that you and your laughing muscles will not soon forget.read more>

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