Should you work for Elon Musk

In order to get good employees, Tesla can advertise Berlin's good reputation

Berlin - Berlin is great - that much is clear. But Berlin is not everything. At least not in the case of Tesla and Elon Musk. The richest man in the world is often criticized by employees for not being a fan of works councils and unions and that he usually does not pay any collectively agreed wages in his electric car factories. It was recently reported that a US agency had invalidated the dismissal of a Tesla man. This had campaigned for the establishment of a union.

The question arises: How is it all developing at “Tesla Giga Berlin”? This is how the location of the first European Tesla Gigafactory is called in-house. The factory is located in Grünheide in eastern Brandenburg, but right next to the Berliner Ring. Musk consciously chose this location. Not only because it can attract workers from Poland cheaply there. He also wanted absolute proximity to Berlin. Because Berlin is world famous, is a brand. Berlin is cool.

A star of the world economy

With this reputation, Musk wants to score points in Germany when he lures away employees from VW or BMW. Because one thing is to build a huge factory in record time - which Musk clearly succeeds in despite setbacks. But it will be something else to fill the factory with life, with workers. Because it is said that although he pays good engineers properly, the skilled workers on the assembly line tend to be below the tariff.

Young people are sure to find it tempting to work for a star in the global economy: Musk is fast and innovative. He has a lot of younger fans celebrating his zeal. But the man is also considered impulsive and self-centered. This scares off some older people who prefer safety rather than professional adventure.

For everyone, fans and doubters, Berlin is an additional lure. It is understandable that Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin is more attractive to many than the VW district of Steimker Berg in Wolfsburg.

It's a race. On the one hand Tesla - the American newcomer and darling of the stock exchanges. On the other hand, there are traditional German corporations that have long shaped the world market. So far, Musk has scored points with its lead in software, at the same time studies show clear dissatisfaction among buyers with deficiencies in the processing of the cars. Quality, on the other hand, is a strength of local actors.

The race is probably more open than many think

The race is in full swing, and with every month that Tesla Berlin starts later, the technological lead is waning. German automakers - some of whom have recently attracted attention through fraud headlines rather than innovations - have woken up after all. They, too, are now investing billions in electric cars, giving engineers who are keen on innovation a lot of leeway. You have a solid customer base and sales network. Musk has clear deficits in this respect, but shines with ideas and its widely recognized name.

The race is perhaps more open than many think. Tesla is still the technological pacemaker, but things look different on the social side. For Musk, the basic capitalist rule “competition stimulates business” can mean that he has to adapt to local conditions and that his people at Giga Berlin have to pay similar to Daimler in Stuttgart. Musk has now decided in favor of Berlin and thus a high-wage country.