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WEF: The most popular police lies

After the peaceful actions in Bern last Saturday, the Stapo Bern reached deep into the tried and tested bag of tricks to later publicly justify their nonsensical "largest police presence of all time". All the more so when, obviously, as an exception, one or the other commercial medium still enjoyed sending more than one at least halfway critical inquiry to their address after a PK from the other side. Initially, however, the Bern police demonstrated one thing above all: How terribly unoriginal they (and other police corps) can still proceed - nobody wants to have noticed anyway. Time for a small hit parade of the all-time favorite lazy police excuses ...
# 1: Cost truth for police operations: When officers lie too much ...

The first trick, of course, was to successfully withhold from the so-called "responsible taxpayers" under false pretenses how much they finally had to pay for this new senseless "top-class police operation".

In an on 23.1. With the interview conducted by the Tages-Anzeiger, the Bern police director Barbara Hayoz made the excuse that she did not yet know how many hundred or thousand grenadiers (CHF 400.00 per day) had been deployed:

"There were several hundred, I cannot yet give the exact figures. For the same reason we do not yet know the costs." (TA 24.1.) As usual, she immediately followed up with the obligatory "killer argument": "But then you would also have to calculate what any destruction would have cost." [Note: "Any" destruction would of course have been meticulously extrapolated by the police and the media for days and weeks, see, for example, Geneva G8 2003 - Costs and consequential damage due to injuries and disability through police operations, on the other hand, are systematically kept secret, see also the PigBrother documentary " True cost of police operations " http://www.ssi-media.com/pigbrother/Pressedoku2-2-04.htm]

The next day, the secretive police director at least admitted that she doesn't simply don't know, but simply doesn't want to say: “Hayoz didn't want to provide any information on Monday about the costs of the police operation either. She justified her silence with the "previous practice of the authorities" in similar operations. " What had to be proven ... Plus the obligatory lazy episode "argument": «" If there is a public interest in the announcement of the operational costs, this is to be perceived by the city parliament. " Attempts are made until at least a small part of the uncomfortable truth comes to light - only: who cares ... (see also # 6)

# 2: "Confiscated: 6 Molotov cocktails, unfortunately all of them already drunk ..."

The successful pretense of empty beer bottles as Mollies has been a popular police trick for decades to "justify" nonsensical operations afterwards. (Also PigBrother is only too well-known from his own experience: See e.g. the 1st BLUTGEIL trial in 1994 District Court of Zurich, where the "evidence-securing" officials stupidly let themselves be filmed, etc. etc.)

-> Advantage: The trick ALWAYS works, not a single career-hungry commercial journalist has ever questioned it or even asked for evidence ...

# 3: "Confiscated: 9 batons, looked like real ..."

The pretending of theater or film props as real "weapons" also falls into the same category. In an illegal raid on PigBrother, the Stapo ZH 2000 used exactly the same method, cf. http://Polizeistaat.com

So we are not particularly surprised what is now on http://ch.indymedia.org/de/2005/01/29694.shtml (comment from "teatherchaot" 25.01.2005 23:50) came to light: "The nine batons listed in the report were made of theater props plastic as you can buy it in any toy store. but now it is clear to me why the cops didn't want to give me a receipt, otherwise I could pick up these dangerous weapons again. "

(-> By the way, the Stapo ZH PigBrother had to return the "dangerous weapons" afterwards - but in the meantime "the cleaning lady" at the post had "mistaken all of our illegally confiscated documents and files" for rubbish and erroneously disposed of them ", whoops, see also on the same page. Laturnich was never called to account for this either - would be even nicer ...)

# 4: "Confiscated: Dangerous object that is capable of causing bodily harm, which is threatened with a maximum sentence of 3 years in prison (Art. 123 No. 2 Criminal Code) ..."

What the "barbed wire piece" (o-ton police: "had 7 mm long thorns and is a dangerous object that is capable of causing bodily harm" etc.) exactly is also classic "hot air" - - and, according to the arrested journalist, quickly explained: "I received the« barbed wire »beforehand from a woman in the city center as a symbol of a fictional party PS, which satirically advocated more security."

-> The fact that satire is punishable at any time, especially if the police feel threatened by it, or at least repeatedly used as an excuse for nonsensical large-scale operations and long-term court cases (which ultimately often do not dissolve into nothing) is also (be careful, irony !) absolutely new - and also PigBrother only too well known from personal experience, see, among others http://Medienfreiheit.org

# 5: "Confiscated: Dozens of other very dangerous weapons ..."

For example "4 pairs of gloves", "43 goggles, 25 mouth masks", "8 Mercedes stars and 5 cans of marijuana" ...

-> In contrast, "tear gas" and "rubber bullets" are known to be "harmless" and "harmless" from the police point of view ... which had to be proven.

>>> If someone could insist on legal reasons / surrender because of gloves, protective goggles and respiratory protection and keep us up to date, we would be happy!

# 6: "Violence against civil servants, breach of the peace, violations of the gun law" etc.

How many of the 84 arrested last Saturday can really be "charged with criminal offenses" as claimed by the police is also the same every time after nonsensically expensive large-scale operations, namely: "Who cares if after 2- 5 years, most of the proceedings finally have to be discontinued or even never came about? Exactly. The main thing is that the police had a big mouth beforehand and were then able to successfully increase their budget ... "(see also # 1)

-> Or who still remembers how many of the 1094 "dangerous chaots" who were arrested and fiched in Landquart last year actually came to court? (or was it 1091? or ...?)

-> It is no coincidence that another popular police trick is denying and inventing incriminating false statements ... everything has been publicly documented for years and days, even in scientific studies every leap year and extracts every decades in commercial ones Media ...

# 7: No police lie message without the obligatory final laugh number:

"In retrospect, the command of the city police in Bern judged last Saturday's operation as in line with the order, proportionate and successful.

People who have the impression that they have not been treated correctly by the police have the option, according to many years of practice, to report in person to the police station of the city police. Any allegations will be resolved seriously. So far, no contact has been made with the city police. "

What also had to be proven once more ...

-> PigBrothers tip / wish to all wrongly arrested, witnesses etc:

>>> Don't sit on your mouth, write hundreds of letters to the editor, take legal action against guilty officials wherever possible, document and uncover police lies ... maybe they even have to come up with something new every now and then ... with which our oh-so-original blue intelligence bolts might be mentally more than fully occupied for quite a while ...

[Unmarked quotes come from the lies, uh, pardon: Stapo Bern press releases No. 22 of January 24, 2005 and No. 23 of January 25, 2005, can be read on http://ch.indymedia.org/de/2005/01/29694.shtml]
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