Is chemistry the most boring scientific subject

Mathematics: a hate subject for too many?

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Physics teachers are dying out.
That’s a good thing

by Ulrich Schnabel;

 "The most boring science show is performed thousands of times in Germany's classrooms every morning: poorly trained moderators, unmotivated audience, dröger material. The whole thing is called a physics lesson and is remembered badly for most of their lives. "Physics? I never got that!"
Many will be happy to hear that the dreaded species of physics teachers will soon be extinct. The number of new students has been falling drastically for years ...
That physics lessons have to become more attractive, that he Replace timpani with the joy of experimentation and especially Convey pleasure in your own thinking should, say experienced educators for a long time. The keywords - Interdisciplinary lessons, practical relevance, multimedia - This week the German Physical Society delivered once again to its spring conference. But all of these approaches are largely ineffective as long as they are left to the initiative of individual teachers and are not reflected in their training. ... "