Curved screen telephones are the future

All screen telephones on the go, such as Samsung and LG, work on the 4-sided curved display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautiful piece of hardware, thanks to its rounded edge-to-edge display. But what if we had a phone with a fully curved display on all 4 sides and could remove the bezels? Well, that could be a thing in a couple of years.

According to a new report, Samsung and LG are currently working on a new display that is curved on all 4 sides. The curved display will allow us to have a smartphone with just one display on the front with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 98%.

Obviously, a smartphone with such a display is unlikely to come anytime soon. On the one hand, the lamination process used to manufacture the display has a major problem: it does not allow any touch inputs at the corners of the display. When Samsung or LG decide to make a phone with the four-sided curved display, they must address this important issue first. Second, it will be interesting to see where the companies place the front camera on a smartphone with the four-sided curved display, since the front of the device will hardly have any space for the camera.