Who is the boogeyman in John Wick

To Kill the Fucking Boogeyman: "John Wick"

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John Wick is no longer in business. But he has a legendary reputation. And there are the most charming moments in which the huge respect is staged, which all killers, mafia godfathers and police officers show John Wick. The second bonus point is the special style of the action choreography: everything John Wick does is geared towards efficiency, fast, hard, playing it safe. If you've been watching Keanu Reeves killing people for an hour and a half, then at least without unrealistic dance-fight invulnerability fantasies. But what is missing, especially in the last third: tension. Peter and Hendrik and Tom and Thomas argue about this and about the great supporting actors, which bar can be applied to the film.

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John Wick
USA 2014, 101 min., Directors: Chad Stahelski and David Leitch

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Björn Helbig (kino-zeit.de) praises the aesthetics, but also looks behind it: “But behind this surface, on which the aestheticized killing ingratiates the viewer into pounding beats: yawning emptiness. The desire to shoot in the head unfortunately only insufficiently fills this vacuum. Likewise Keanu Reeves, although he still cuts a fantastic figure as an action hero. "

Christian Hoja (cellurizon.de) has recognized that it is basically a revenge fairy tale: “The creators of the film are imaginatively relieved of the reality comparison, the world of“ John Wick ”has something childlike or at least unaccustomed to it, as if it were in Play more about cool ideas and not about the bureaucratic reality and whether or how these cool ideas can be implemented in it. If the real world is not enough, you make your own. "