What's your favorite Vim shortcut

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More useful than Mac Native Terminal, it's one of the software that needs to be installed on Mac. After installing it, it's very cool. I have the following individual configurations for reference:

  • Start Iterm by default
  • Theme set on ecolized darkness
  • Put in a nicer Chinese script
  • Open global link Easy to call up at any time
  • Set the copy function in the VIM mouse selection
  • Set Vim Support Mouse Rolling
  • Security profile

Version information



Boot standard start.

Subject settings

The reason why choose this color is because this color (aunt is called as matte blue bar) there is a classic color and I vscode is also this color in a lot of support.

Font setting

Iterm's default font is Monaco, Monaco's Chinese is fine too, but when the font is enlarged the English font becomes large, but Chinese seems smaller than English.

Fortunately, Iterm supports a different font for non-ASCII characters so I chose Helvetica Neue (in line with the font which is impressed with Mac, I believe in their professional aesthetic), it looks a lot better.

actual effect:

Global alarm link

The default shortcut is it's easy to use, and you have to tap on each interface. Press to call out and then press hidden, it's very handy.

Vim mouse selection copy

The default Iterm2 is openfunction, do not turn off the text in the mouse in VIM, press The key cannot be copied (but it enters a Vim visual mode!). I checked it for a long time to look for one in the Iterm2 official Gitlab library; issueApropos this solution. There is essentially no explanation on the internet.

Set Vim Support Mouse Rolling

After the VIM edit, the mouse is not supported, but iterm2 can set up by sending J / K keys to aid scrolling.

Backup configuration

It is best to back up to save your own configuration. The next time you need to import again, the experience is close to that.

The exported profile can be put in Dotfiles in the Github saver (if you save the password, but you don't understand it.) If you change your computer, you don't have to worry.


  • With a simple configuration, Iterm2 becomes more beautiful and easy to use.
  • Save the configuration to dotfiles, use Github management to keep a consistent experience on every machine.