What is PLR in SEO

PLR products: What are private label rights and what can they be used for?

Private label rights are defined as: “Content, in particular articles, ebooks and reports, that have been written by a third party and that are made available to multiple buyers for individual use.

These articles, ebooks and reports can either be used unchanged or they can be changed as the buyer wants. However, this happens within the guidelines of the seller, which can vary for each provider. "

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What are you allowed to do as a PLR buyer

Every private label content provider has specific guidelines on what can be done with the content offered. Some don't allow subscribers to resell the content. Some allow the content to be resold, but do not allow the buyer to pose as the author or to claim the copyright for the content.

However, most PLR providers let their subscribers do what they want with the content and there are very few restrictions. As a rule, subscribers are allowed to do the following:

  • Change the title of the content
  • Change the content yourself (add something, take something out, rewrite something)
  • Add affiliate links
  • Identify yourself as the author of the work
  • Send the content in a heavily modified form to article directories
  • Offer the work as a free bonus
  • Use the content as content for websites
  • Resell the content
  • Claim the copyright

Why can PLR products be worthwhile?

Those who already have an Internet business know very well that the phrase "Content is King" is a true statement and that it is something to take to heart if you are to be successful on the Internet.

Website content must be constantly changed, improved, renewed and updated. You don't just create a website and leave it on the web forever. For this reason, website owners often buy PLR articles, PLR ebooks, and PLR reports.

They then change the titles, add a few sentences of their own (for the search engines so that everything is not duplicate content) and then post this new work on their websites and make them available as free downloads or just as additional content on the Website for visitors.

Some very successful internet businesses are based on nothing more than private label content. Because this content can simply serve as a basis for your own creations. This is similar to “normal” business owners buying raw materials to create new products. For example, a face cream that is mixed together from all the individually purchased raw materials and then sold under a new label.

They mix the ingredients together according to their own formula, producing a completely different product than the competition who may buy the same ingredients. In the same way, an online businessman uses the PLR ​​products and puts together new packages that he can then offer his newsletter subscribers or website visitors as completely new products.

What can I do with the PLR ​​products?

PLR has been around for a while in international internet marketing. However, such offers are still very rare here, which is one of the reasons that I decided to test such products. The private label articles, ebooks and reports are often offered in different formats.

Sometimes they are PDF documents, Word documents or products in normal text format. It doesn't really matter in which format they are offered, because you can change them anyway (and thus you can also change the format). For example, you can turn a normal ebook into an audio ebook by simply reading out the content and using a microphone record. Or you can create PowerPoint videos from the content. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the ebooks come with a pre-made sales letter and sometimes they don't. If there is such a sales letter, then it should also be modified in order to stand out from the competition, because if the potential customers see the same sales letter dozens of times, the product loses value, as you immediately realize that the product is not unique is.

This in turn attracts the price shoppers, which is an undesirable effect because the profit margins then decrease. Therefore, you should change the sales letter as much as possible and not necessarily use the graphics provided. Get new ecover and header graphics made for you on Fiverr and you will achieve much better sales. Any buyer can do this and there are fewer complete duplicates online.

Although buyers / subscribers have permission to use the products as they are, it is highly recommended that you modify the texts as much as possible. This is especially true in the event that the texts are to be used as website content. Nothing is worse for search engine optimization than texts that are already available on dozens of other websites as well.

And of course when using it as an article for article databases, the text must be changed to such an extent that it can no longer be recognized as the PLR ​​article that you bought it as. Because you want to be able to act as the author of the article and every other buyer of the PLR ​​could do that too.

Then the backlinks from the article directories would have no value, as the texts would simply be inflationary. As a rule, duplicates of the same article will no longer be accepted. No changes are required if you use the content for your newsletter.

Closing word

In summary, one can say that PLR content makes work a lot easier and that you can also approach niches that you don't have a 100% idea about. Because the research has already been done and it is only about the publication and the format in which you bring the content out.

This is particularly noticeable with ebooks. Try to write a 60-page ebook yourself and you will find that you have been working on it for weeks or even months ...

With the PLR ​​you can fall back on a finished product in which you should only rewrite / change the content a little and you have something that you can then sell immediately.