Why are there purple sunsets

When and how best to take photos of purple sunsets?

I also like and often take photos of sunsets. You just have to be patient, there are not beautiful sunsets every day and it depends on the clouds.

To take really beautiful sunset photos, get away from the automatic mode, it won't work.

The best way to make sunset photos is with HDR technology. I mostly use the AV mode for this and then do automatic exposure bracketing (AEB). This also works with your 1100D, which can do three different exposures in a series of exposures.

HDR = High Dynamic Range, these are images with a higher
Dynamic space, i.e. on these images can be larger
Differences in brightness are shown than it is on "normal" photos
is possible. For example, if you photograph a sunset, the sky is
and the sun is usually so bright that you can see the landscape
underneath can only be seen in black or very dark in the picture. Or
vice versa, you can see the landscape well but the sky is only
still white or "burnt out". To avoid that, you do an HDR
Image from different exposures (at least two). At two
Exposures, an image is a bit underexposed (you can see the
See the sky well) and one a little overexposed (on it is the
Landscape clearly visible). These two pictures become one picture
offset, on which you can then clearly see the landscape and sky.

For this you use an HDR program on the PC (I use Photomatix Pro 5 for this).

But there is also the possibility of a pseudo HDR from a single one
To make exposure (i.e. only from one picture), you should do your own
Save photos as RAW files.

If you are interested in HDR photography, google it
You Tube tutorials (exercise videos) on the subject of HDR photography. There is
tons of videos on how to shoot and edit HDRs.

You can download the Photomatix program from the Internet
The trial version does, however, have a stamp with the Photomatix lettering on it
the finished picture.

I myself take photos with a Canon EOS 6D and an EOS 70D (but I also started with a 1100D, which is also great for taking HDR photos) and mainly occupy myself with HDR photography. I'll hang up a few of my pictures (HDRs from five exposures each, processed with Photomatix Pro 5 and Photoshop CC).

If you have any questions about HDR photography, feel free to write to me. Here is my Facebook profile:


Incidentally, I took the first picture with the 1100D, from a single shot (raw), so it is a pseudo HDR. The others are real HDRs from bracketing.