Purple is a gender-neutral color

The gender color madness


First of all, this is explicitly only about babies and children who are still too small to have an opinion on it, not about older ones who can already express this very precisely.
Also, this is really a thread out of interest, not to provoke.

Since I've been in Facebook baby flea market groups, I've been wondering again and again what kind of demands some people have when it comes to things for the very little ones. It's not even about clothes for me, and personally I don't care whether my little degree wears something that is typical for boys or girls. But there are strollers, diaper bags, car seats, towels, burp cloths, pacifiers, bottles ..... In pink / blue or explicitly not in girls / youth colors (I often find that difficult, red, for example, is absolutely gender-neutral for me) . What surprised me a lot was a mom asked if someone wanted to have children's clothes hangers in red and pink because she wanted to go to Ikea the next day and they would only be available there in a set with blue and green. She would keep the latter, the red / pink ones wouldn't be suitable for your son. So I thought ... It's about hangers ... Doesn't it matter what color they are ?!

Do any of you also have just "gender-specific" things? Why is this important to you?