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If you want to know something about songbirds, then you've come to the right place. Here you can determine your songbirds that you have seen in your garden. I have already reported on some native songbirds that I have observed in nature. What does a songbird look like? I will also show you some songbird pictures. Here you will definitely find your native songbird, from Germany, that you are looking for. Songbirds can be seen anywhere in the world. They live in forests, parks, curtains, cities, villages and in the mountains. Songbirds do not have an easy time of it, as many cities are too paved and monocultures rob them of their habitat. The different songbird species include, for example, the finches, the titmouse, the sparrows (sparrows), the thrushes, the warblers and the corvids. What do songbirds look like? I will show you some pictures about the appearance, the determination and the description.

Picture of the appearance of songbirds Songbird species in Germany

The various songbird pages are very popular for projects in kindergarten, district school, grammar school, university and school for lectures and presentations in biology, zoology, in specialist classes, for species profiles, for worksheets and for presentations in biology classes . Here you will find everything for your profile template (elementary school, secondary school, high school) about birds. There are extra bird pages for preschool and elementary school, e.g. chick pictures or bird portraits. At the bottom of the page you will always find a list of other bird watching.

Identify picture to songbird: The star in Central Europe

Overview: The variety of native songbirds here in Germany is impressive. You just have to listen carefully then you can hear their beautiful singing on every corner. The singing reveals from a distance what kind of songbird (bird species) it is. When identifying songbirds, song plays a major role, such as in the case of the fitis and the chiffchaff or the willow tit and the marsh tit.

Purpose: songbirds singing in their habitat in Hamburg

Here you will also find the largest (common raven) songbird that can be seen in Germany. On this page you will find bullet points, characteristics, properties, many peculiarities and profiles about songbirds. In addition, you can find out on the individual pages whether the songbirds belong to the nestlings, to the nests or to the migratory birds. What do the birds eat? How fast (speed) are songbirds? When do they learn to fly or when does courtship, mating season and reproduction take place? Where and when do songbirds breed? Are you staying in Germany? The songbirds also have enemies in their habitat. And you can find out who belongs to them on the individual Singvogel pages. The list of songbirds with profiles is constantly being expanded. A short form of songbird profiles can be found under, for example, finch profiles, owl profiles, corvidae profiles or tit profiles. If you want to learn something about the knowledge of birds, then visit the page, what do birds know. More on the topic, under intelligent crows or everything about birds, e.g. bird feet, bird eggs, bird food, breeding grounds, bird identification.

Images: songbirds singing in their habitat in Hamburg

And as always at the end, I'll show you some photos that I took while observing nature. You can see many songbirds (bird species) in their splendid dress and a king without a crown. Songbirds also include a number of garden birds, forest birds and meadow birds.

Songbird pictures and photos from Hamburg

Pictures of songbirds determine from Germany
Pictures and photos of songbirds determine from Europe
Illustrations / pictures and photos of songbirds determine from Hamburg

List of all songbirds & songbird species

Here you will find all the data, songbirds lower classifications, information, characteristics, peculiarities, key points and differences of the European songbirds that you need to identify and recognize. You can also find out here the difference between blackbird and starling or the difference between tit and finch.

I am often asked: "I found a little songbird, what should I do?" You can find the answer under Frequently Asked Questions, Vogel found - What to do?

Have fun on my themed pages, such as questions from the bird world or special features from the bird world.

We have had our most beautiful bird observations in Europe in Iceland, in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), in Holland, in Austria, in France, in Italy, in Switzerland, in Belgium, in Luxembourg, in Spain, in Made in Germany in Berlin, in Hamburg on the Elbe, in Bremen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, in Bavaria, in Schleswig-Holstein, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in Thuringia, in Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Gartow in Lower Saxony.

Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg