Prefer FIFA or FIFA Street

What does a professional soccer player do after work? Of course he is looking for the next football field - at least in the computer game: Real Madrid's super talent Vinícius Júnior, and one of the faces of the new "Fifa 20", Daley Blind from Ajax Amsterdam has just dribbled out and scored a goal in the football stadium, and he's already wearing sweatpants and Sneakers through the streets of the Dutch capital. Vinícius finds what he is looking for between containers and burning metal bins: It seems as if Edward van Gils, world champion in street football, was just waiting for the Brazilian professional.

Outside of the computer game, Vinícius would probably have taken the team bus to the hotel with his teammates after the game. But even if the Fifa series should be as realistic as possible in many other aspects, that would at best be something for the "Bus Simulator", the latest version of which was also released recently.

"Volta" brings street football back into the Fifa universe

Volta, that's the name of the new street and indoor soccer mode in Fifa 20, is the game's biggest innovation. For the first time since Fifa 98, games away from grass and eleven against eleven are again a central component of the classic for PC and home consoles. The basic principles of the game - passing, dribbling, shooting - remain the same, but street football differs significantly from its big brother on the green:

In three-on-three without a goalkeeper, the main thing is not to lose the ball at a moment when your own goal is unguarded. In futsal, both teams have four field players and a goalkeeper on the field. Because handball goals are played, the trick here is to piss the ball past the keeper. It also makes a difference whether the player opts for the clay court in Rome, in the hall in Berlin or on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The ball in the game bounces differently, rolling a little slower or faster depending on the surface.

In addition, before each game he can set whether the playing field is bordered by walls, from which the ball then bounces back. Especially experienced players can use the boards to confuse the opponent with indirect passes. Overall, the playing fields are much smaller and the games are therefore faster and more goals are scored. This is especially interesting for players for whom conventional FIFA is too boring and who have fun dancing their opponents with the ball at their feet.

Hardly any innovations on the lawn in "Fifa 20"

The tricksters from the backyards and streets are also at the center of this year's story mode. The player can design his own character - man or woman - and not only decide which hairstyle he wears, but also whether he runs wide-legged or on tiptoe during free kicks. The story, however, is not very imaginative: You join a troop around the street footballer Jayzinho Quezada, who also exists in real life and who wants to qualify for the world championships despite few promising chances. The player has no real influence on the plot. If he is eliminated from a tournament, he has to compete there again. In addition to Real Madrid's Vinícius Júnior and Jayzinho, a handful of other stars from the street football scene have made short appearances.

In addition to the "house rules" introduced last year, there are two new variations on the pitch for casual players: In the "surprise ball" mode, the properties of the ball change whenever the game is interrupted. Sometimes the player sprints much faster with the ball on his foot, sometimes passes arrive particularly precisely. In "Platzhirsch", the team in possession of the ball must hold the play equipment as long as possible in a rectangular zone that is displayed on the field. Then the team's goals count double or even triple for a while.

Bayern fans will have to do without the Allianz Arena this year. Competitor Konami ("Pro Evolution Soccer" or "PES" for short) has agreed an exclusive cooperation with FC Bayern. Even worse, however, it hits fans of Juventus Turin: The Italian football club is only called "Piemonte Calcio" in the new Fifa due to the partnership with PES 2020. Cristiano Ronaldo and teammates wear fantasy jerseys.

Otherwise, Fifa 20 plays on the large field very similar to the previous games. Hardly anything has changed graphically either. In the case of free kicks and penalties, the player must now aim the crosshairs where the ball should go. This takes a bit of practice, but then allows for more precise shots. In addition, manufacturer Electronic Arts (EA) has, according to its own information, tweaked the flight behavior of the ball and the defensive behavior of the computer-controlled teammates and opponents. How this will affect the game will mainly be seen in the long term.

"Fifa 20" will be released on September 27th for Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.