What is the full form of DDWS

DWS Germany

The volatility is calculated on a daily basis.

The information contained in this document does not constitute investment advice, but merely provides a brief summary of key features of the fund. The complete information on the fund can be found in the key investor information and the sales prospectus, supplemented by the latest audited annual report and the respective semi-annual report, if one is more recent than the last annual report. These documents represent the sole binding basis of the purchase. They are available in electronic or printed form free of charge from your advisor, DWS Investment GmbH, Mainzer Landstrasse 11-17, D 60329 Frankfurt am Main and, if the fund is from Luxembourg from DWS Investment SA, 2, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-1115 Luxembourg.

All statements of opinion reflect the current assessment of DWS, which can be changed without prior notice. Insofar as the data contained in this document come from third parties, DWS accepts no liability for the correctness, completeness and appropriateness of this data, even if DWS Investments only uses data that it considers reliable.

The gross performance (BVI method) takes into account all costs incurred at fund level (e.g. management fee), the net performance also includes the issue surcharge; further costs may arise at investor level (e.g. custody account costs) which are not taken into account in the illustration. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The sales prospectus contains more detailed tax information.

The units issued in this fund may only be offered for purchase or sold in jurisdictions in which such an offer or such a sale is permitted. The units of this fund may not be offered for sale or sold to or for sale within the USA or to or for the account of US citizens or US persons resident in the USA.

This document and the information it contains are not for distribution in the United States. The distribution and publication of this document as well as the offer or sale of the shares may also be subject to restrictions in other legal systems.

You can obtain the complete composition of the portfolio structure from DWS Investment GmbH, Mainzer Landstrasse 11-17, D-60329 Frankfurt am Main and, if the funds are from Luxembourg, from DWS Investment SA, 2, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-1115 Luxembourg.