What is scarecrow fear made of toxin



Real name:

Jonathan Crane


Ichabod Crane


former psychiatrist and university professor, criminal


Gender Male
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 68 kg
Eyecolour: Blue
Hair color: brown


developed a "fear" gas (everyone who comes in contact with the gas experiences their worst subjective nightmares in the form of hallucinations)

First appearance:

World's Finest # 3 (September 1941)

Created by:

Bill Finger
Bob Kane

Played / dubbed by:

Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)

The figure of the Scarecrow (Eng. The Scarecrow) was created in 1941 by the author Bill Finger and the illustrator Bob Kane for issue # 3 of the comic series World's Finest Comics developed.

Biography Edit source]

As the antipode of the criminal hunter Batman, Scarecrow is presented in this issue as a criminal former psychiatrist and university professor named Jonathan Crane, who, in disguise as a scarecrow (usually a brownish torn rag suit, often with a hat) and equipped with psychoactive nerve gases, the population of Batman's hometown Gotham City terrorizes. The specialty of the "fear" gas developed by Crane is that it lets anyone who comes into contact with it experience their worst subjective nightmares in the form of hallucinations. A mixture of scientific fascination for the psychological phenomenon of fear, which he would like to research further through practical "field tests", as well as a very personal sadistic joy in the fear of his victims is given as the motive for Crane's deeds.

The background story (so-called origin story) of Scarecrow, which developed over time, shows that Jonathan Crane already found an abnormal pleasure as a child in frightening other people and animals (especially birds). He then turns this preference into his profession by choosing fear as his research focus as a psychiatrist. Mockery, which accompanied him all his life because of his eccentric nature and his lanky appearance, first embittered him against his fellow human beings and aroused the desire to torment them and to take revenge for the suffering suffered. After Crane is dismissed as a professor because of his unorthodox teaching methods and the mistreatment of students in the context of fear experiments, he decides to take revenge on his fellow human beings dressed as a scarecrow.

A recurring theme in the Scarecrow stories are attempts by Cranes to take revenge on people or institutions that once did badly to him (such as classmates in college who mocked his skinny stature or fellow professors at university who smiled at his poor clothes) by using his nerve gas attacks to induce severe anxiety and even death. Other stories show him as a kind of gunman who deliberately roams the streets to terrorize individuals or crowds. He either tortures them in public places or he takes them to his own torture cellar, in which he systematically destroys them psychologically. In still other stories, Scarecrow uses his skills to extort protection money or to sell drugs he has designed. After Scarecrow was temporarily transformed into a monstrous creature called Scarebeast under the influence of a mutagen administered to him by doctor Linda Friitawa in the storyline "As the Crow Flies" from 2004, he is the same again in subsequent stories.

Often Scarecrow also works with other Batman villains like the Joker (as in the Knightfall saga) as a team or he is hired as a henchman by villains like Hush or Black Mask (Battle for the Cowl, 2009). Scarecrow often also has a crow as a pet and companion.

Name and appearance [edit | Edit source]

The real name of Scarecrow, Crane, is a speaking name that alludes to the figure of the skinny schoolmaster Ichabod Crane in Washington Irving's story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: the extremely slender Jonathan Crane resembles his namesake in his appearance as well as the motif of frightening others. In contrast to Ichabod Crane, who is the victim of a nasty Halloween joke, Jonathan Crane is the one who plagues others with terrifying pranks. Within the fictional reality of the Batman and Scarecrow stories, Irving's character appears more frequently as the scarecrow's inspiration.

Behavior [edit | Edit source]

Scarecrow's behavior is dominated by fear; much of what he does is designed to instill fear in others.

On the other hand, Crane has a relationship with fear that goes beyond the pleasure of seeing others in horror. He himself, as a result of constant contact with his own "fear gas", is barely able to feel fear, which further throws his psyche off track. He develops an addiction to fear, exposes himself again and again to danger. During this period, Batman disappears, another blow to Scarecrow as Batman could still scare him.

In addition, Scarecrow (which is rarely discussed) is terrified of bats, which is why he sees a huge bat monster every time he faces Batman under the influence of his gas.

Scarecrow in other media Edit source]

  • Scarecrow was featured in the animated series as a villain The Batman / Superman Hour (Episode "The Great Scarecrow Scare", US dubbing voice Ted Knight 1968). Challenge of the SuperFriends (US dubbing voice Don Messick, 1978), The Super Powers Team. Galactic Guardians (Episode "The Fear"; US dubbing voice Andre Stojka) and Batman. The Animated Series (US dubbing voice: Henry Plic II, later Jeffrey Combs) was used.
  • In 2005, Scarecrow was one of several main villains in the film Batman Begins, in which he was played by Cillian Murphy. In the sequel Dark Knight Murphy returns in the role for a cameo. In contrast to the Batman comics, Jonathan Crane is the director of Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's psychiatric hospital. There he conducts questionable fear experiments on his patients, and declares henchmen of the criminal Carmine Falcone to be insane in return for payment, in order to enable them to be released from prison more quickly. Also in contrast to the comics, Scarecrow does not wear the outfit of a scarecrow in the films, but a suit, so that only with a sack-like mask resembles a real scarecrow.
  • In the direct-to cartoon Gotham Knight Scarecrow is dubbed by actor Corey Burton.
  • Since the 1990s, Scarecrow has been processed as an opponent of Batman in numerous video and computer games: So in
  • Batman. The Animated Series,
  • Adventures of Batman & Robin,
  • Batman Begins (2005), see main article Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy)
  • Batman. Rise of Sin Tzu,
  • Lego Batman and Batman.
  • The Dark Knight (2008), see main article Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy)
  • Arkham Asylum (US dubbing voice: Dino Andrade; 2009). In the latter, Scarecrow's appearance has been fundamentally revised: He wears a gas mask and a glove claw with syringes, which is reminiscent of the character of Freddy Krueger from the horror film series Nightmare on Elm Street. In the hallucinogenic states of intoxication that Batman experiences under the influence of the Scarecrow gas, Scarecrow appears as a monstrous giant.
  • Batman Superband 20 and 21
  • Batman Arkham Knight (2015), In this game, Scarecrow returns and works with a certain Arkham Knight to get Batman out of the way for good

vacate. Scarecrow threatens to contaminate Gotham with fear gas with a so-called "cloudburst" and to let the city sink into chaos. The Arkham Knight is under Scarecrow and with the help of a whole militia army they take over Gotham. Thanks to the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow is always one step ahead of Batman by kidnapping those who are close to Batman. During an underground battle between Batman and the Arkham Knight, Batman is finally able to defeat him and it turns out that the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd. After he disappears, Scarecrow hands over the post of Arkham Knight to Deathstroke. But Batman can also defeat him. In the end, Batman confronts Scarecrow, and through Scarecrow's threat to kill the captured Robin, Batman unmasked himself and everyone learns who Batman really is: Bruce Wayne. But Batman, with the help of Jason Todd, can defeat Scarecrow and infect him with the fear gas he developed. And this is how Scarecrow sees his worst fear: Batman. He ends up taking a completely scared man to the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). When Batman has all the other villains behind bars and Gotham is safe again, the story ends with the Knightfall Protocol intended for the unmasking of Batman, causing the Gotham residents to believe that Bruce Wayne (Batman) was in an explosion at Wayne Manor was killed.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

The website IGN listed Scarecrow in 2009 in a ranking of the 100 "best fictional villains" as No. 58.[1]

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