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Cooking with whiskey

The question “Can you cook with whiskey?” Has never arisen for us. Of course you can! Whenever the kitchen is about aromas and about varying the taste of dishes and recipes, then whiskey is a fascinating and enriching ingredient in cooking for us.

Just as wine and cognac have long found their way into kitchens, whiskey should definitely be admitted that it can refine some sauces, soups or desserts. After all, whiskey contains many flavors and aromas that it can bring to the food. And since whiskey has so many different traits and characteristics, it can also set very different accents when cooking.

So the question is not “if” but “how” you can cook with whiskey. And answering this question casually and quickly is difficult. Because there are many, many options! The more we try out in the kitchen, the more great uses we find out. We don't want to keep to ourselves what we create so delicious, but like to pass on the recipes with whiskey in this recipe blog to you.

Cooking with whiskey - recipes with whiskey

When cooking with whiskey, it is best to take the example of good cooks who only use high-quality wines for their sauces. A bad wine makes a bad sauce - and a whiskey that you don't like has no place in your kitchen. At least we think so.

We often reveal in the recipes which whiskey (or whiskey) we used or make recommendations. You are of course free to vary and take the bottlings that are on your shelves and are to your taste. Cook it up, vary it to your heart's content and pass on your suggestions to us: Did you find great variations? Where is there difficulty with a recipe when cooking with whiskey? Use the comment function actively or send us an email to info ät meinwhisky. com. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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But not only cooking with whiskey is a wonderful thing, but also enjoying whiskey with your meal. And that's why we have put together recipes for you in which the whiskey does not go into the meal, but into the glass:

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