Is pork bad for cholesterol

We have described here what you should actually pay attention to when aiming for a healthy cardiovascular system: Lower cholesterol levels naturally

Vegetable proteins are the best solution for the heart

Apparently, meat is similar to saturated fats. Both red and white meat increase the level of large LDL particles in particular. Plant-based diets do not increase the level of large or small LDL particles and are therefore the safest solution for health. B. Legumes, tofu, tempeh, almond cheese, quinoa, nuts and seeds.

  • You can also find a list of vegetable protein sources here: Vegetable Proteins: The List
  • In addition, if you need more protein you can supplement your diet with vegetable protein powders, e.g. B. rice, pea or hemp protein. You can find information on this here: Vegetable protein powder

The recommendation that is so popular today that it is better to use poultry than red meat to lower cholesterol is therefore out of date.

Red meat can harm the heart in other ways as well

However, the choice of the type of meat or a food should not only be made on the basis of its influence on the cholesterol level, says Krauss, because red meat has completely different properties that can have a negative effect on cardiovascular health.

For example, an allergen has been under discussion since at least 2018 that can lead to increased meat sensitivity in some people (unnoticed meat allergy) and, as a result, to deposits in the blood vessels. Details can be found here: Why meat can cause heart disease

In addition, when eating red meat, the so-called TMAO level in the body should rise. TMAO is a substance that has been shown to damage the heart and increase the risk of heart failure and even sudden cardiac death, as you can read here: Sudden cardiac death from red meat


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  • (1) Bergeron N, Krauss RM et al., University of California, Effects of red meat, white meat, and nonmeat protein sources on atherogenic lipoprotein measures in the context of low compared with high saturated fat intake: a randomized controlled trial, 4 June 2019, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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