How do porn websites make money

Make money on porn

Earn in a week what others need an entire month for. And the best thing about it, you earn a lot of money with fun, flexible working hours and the most beautiful thing in the world.

Are you fed up with your job, want to give up your boring and poorly paid everyday job or are you just looking for a great opportunity to earn money in between? Do you love sex and eroticism and you don't mind when others see you doing it? want to earn money with your own sex pictures, sex videos and porn? Then you have come to the right place on this page!

Finally generate your own income that is above average? Then shoot your own videos to make money in porn. Publish your own porn on the booming German and foreign amateur porn platforms. In order to multiply the turnover, it is best to log on to several pages at the same time. These registrations are free for you and you can start making good money with your own porn right away.

You are just wondering if this opportunity to earn money with porn is something for you, right?

If you have a well-groomed appearance, are open-minded, self-confident and at least 18 years old, you are welcome to inform yourself and register on the hottest amateur sites. The only thing you need is a PC with internet access, a camera and possibly a web cam, in case you want to earn some extra money as a camgirl.


How can you make money from porn?

Whether self-made porn, your own sex pictures or role-playing games, everything is allowed. The more amateurish and eccentric, the better. Experience shows that it is no longer just the 90-60-90 porn girls that are watched. The trend is clearly towards amateurs. The users love this natural, kinky porn, where you have the feeling that it is the neighbor, the couple from next door, who you find so horny and watch them have sex. Appearance and figure do not matter. More corpulent women with and without one or two blemishes also find admirers and enjoy great popularity with users.

There is also not only flower sex, large breasts, small breasts or the typical blowjob to see. The range of possibilities is very broad. From role play to hardcore from dominate / submissive to fetish from pee to nylon to lacquer, leather and latex, to chubby and anal sex, there's something for everyone. These are just a few categories in which you can live out your preferences in order to make the user and your wallet happy. Of course, lovers of slightly different eroticism such as Gothic, bondage or sadomasochism are also visiting these pages more and more often. So you see, there is something for you too that suits your preferences, right?


What is important to make money doing porn as an amateur?

Your amateur profile is what the user sees first. Make your page as attractive as possible in your thumbnails and videos. You can do this through an appealing erotic picture in which you can be seen in a hot pose in the full body or through a cute face photo, which makes you want more. It is important that the address of the platform on which your videos and pictures are published is clearly visible. Users like it very much when your name is written on the bare inner thighs or on the breasts, for example with lipstick or paint. This is 100% amateur.

Make yourself interesting in your profile. Write about yourself, your character and most importantly, about your sexual preferences. Make the user curious about more. Give regular information what you have hot fantasies and wishes. Fulfill user requests yourself in the form of special role-play films, hot photos of you or worn underwear. In this way you can quickly build up a great user base and make yourself interesting for new customers.


How much money can you make from your own porn?

As an amateur, you will receive between 25% and 35% commission of all sales that are achieved with your pictures, videos or livecam, depending on the amateur site. You can view your personal earnings statistics at any time in your profile.

A.Which amateur sites can you make money on your own porn on?




Mydirtyhobby is one of the best amateur sites from all over Germany. Most of the users have registered here and therefore you can earn money very quickly with porn, pictures, private messages and with the live cam.

Commission: 25%

Earn money on Mydirtyhobby



Nowyoo is a large amateur sex community. Here you can meet everyone who is into amateur porn and sex dating. Still, Nowyoo is a very good amateur site to make money off of their porn. Especially since you get a little more commission here than with Mydirtyhobby.

Commission: 30%

Make money on Noyoo

Amater side


Another way to make money from your own porn is to post all of your videos and pictures on an amateur site. You can even make money here with sex stories and mass chats.

Commission: 25%

Make money on the amateur side