What is the qualification of an IAS officer

Evaluation of the IAS program (integrated study abroad) of the DAAD (completed in 2003)

The "Integrated Study Abroad" (IAS) program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which was examined by scientists from INCHER-Kassel, enables German students to study abroad for one to two semesters in a small group within the framework of subject-related agreements between German and foreign universities or departments or university professors. Unlike other DAAD programs, the IAS program promotes first-degree students.

As early as the 1980s, several larger studies were carried out in which the experiences of the joint study programs (of the European Community) were compared with the IAS program, among others. As part of the INCHER-Kassel study, changes over the past ten years were considered, e.g. the development of reciprocity and the reduction in tuition fees, as well as the development of the procedural aspects of the IAS program. The focus of the investigation was on the current situation. This approach made it possible to compare the perception of the program from the perspective of different actors. The data of the study are based on the results of written surveys and interviews with those responsible for IAS programs and on the results of the written survey (total survey) of students born in 1997/98. In addition to the information on "objective" data, such as the results of program development, the distribution of subjects and the regional distribution, the report reflects the experiences with IAS-funded exchange programs from the perspective of the actors involved. These include the responsible program officers at German universities, the responsible representatives of the international offices, the IAS officers at partner universities abroad and the students in the 1997/98 academic year supported by the IAS. Of particular interest were the observations of the main participants in the IAS programs, their ideas and wishes for the IAS program, but also their open criticism and their special praise in relation to specific program aspects. These perspectives, ideas, opinions and points of criticism were systematically summarized and analyzed and the results presented in a process-oriented manner.

Stefanie Schwarz and Martina Schotte-Kmoch: The DAAD's "Integrated Study Abroad (IAS) - A Study" program. (With a foreword by Thomas Schmidt-Dörr). Cologne: German Academic Exchange Service 2001.