Why the Scottish Lakes Are Aligned

Hiking in Scotland

Hiking in Scotland: discover the diversity

Scotland offers over 5,000 varied hiking trails. You conquer mountains, hike along the coast, cross moors, discover small towns and marvel at the legendary Highlands. Follow the popular West Highland Waywhich starts shortly after Glasgow. Traditionally, you follow this breathtaking long-distance hiking trail for over 150 km from south to north into the most beautiful areas of the famous Highlands. A special natural highlight awaits you at the western end of the West Highland Trail: Ben Navis, Great Britain's highest mountain at 1,344 m. A full day hike to the top of Ben Navis is rewarded with an unforgettable view over the Scottish Highlands.

If you want to delve a little deeper into Scotland's mystical stories, this will beckon you Great Glen Way, starting from Fort Williams to Inverness. Follow it along the Caledonian Canal, a man-made waterway from the 19th century, and take a look at the infamous Loch Ness.

Outdoor adventurers come to the unofficial Skye Trail on your costs. This almost 130 km long long-distance hiking trail is located on the island of "Isle of Skye" in the north-west of the country and leads you along steep cliffs, past unusual rock formations and mighty mountain ranges. Discover the hidden corners of this beautiful island connected to mainland Scotland by a bridge.

Hiking in Scotland: the best time to travel

When hiking in Scotland you have to be prepared for anything weather-wise. An old saying goes that you can experience all 4 seasons in one day here. Especially in the Highlands you have to reckon with rapidly rising fog, sudden rainfall and even snowfall.

The The hiking season is from March to October, whereby the months of the off-season are recommended. Not only because the paths are less frequented outside the summer months, but also to avoid the Scottish ´vampires´, called midges. These small stinging flies cavort especially in the midsummer months and like to ´attack´ hikers in droves.

It is important to know that the Scottish hunting season from August to October drives hunters into the woods. Especially during this time, never leave the hiking trails. Since many regions of Scotland do not have a well-marked network of hiking trails outside of the Great National Trails, map and compass skills or a GPS are generally recommended.