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You made it and are now in your own food truck, in your own business! The guests will get to know the "newcomer" with his offer and you will quickly build up a customer base if it is tasty. Your turnover will steadily increase and your self-confidence will increase.


When is what ready?

Now you will have to struggle with new little problems that you had not even thought of before. You do not yet know when you will have the greatest rush and what will then be ordered. A grilled chicken is grilled in about 45 minutes, if you leave it on the spit for two hours, it will be tough. A knuckle of pork, on the other hand, takes at least two hours to cook through and crispy, at mild temperatures of around 160 degrees. And how long your veggie casserole will last with this amount is not yet entirely clear to you.


And bought too much again!

In the beginning you will often miscalculate the quantity of goods, which is normal for a beginner. Your different dishes will not all be ready at the same time at the same time, because you need more experience in kitchen practice.

You will work up a sweat when an army of teenagers from the nearby vocational school stand in front of your booth at 1:00 p.m. sharp and everyone has very special wishes. Some of them have to wait and maybe even get sloppy ...


Other hot pitfalls ...

You will burn your fingers on the grill in the hustle and bustle until you have acquired a routine with hot grilled food. And how hot it can actually get can be found in the articles “It is so incredibly hot on the rotisserie of a kebab shop in Gelsenkirchen” and “Hot and greasy: Hard working conditions in the snack bar”.

Since you do not want to be "grilled" yourself, you will open the side door and the roof hatch, stand in the wind and get a permanently oozing nose. In the evening you will perhaps make your wife or friends happy again with 30 dried out rolls that you did not bring to the man.




And always stay nice and friendly!

You will also feel the unfriendliness and arrogance of some customers who have personal problems and want to pass this on to you.

Don't worry, everyone who works in a service industry is the same, whether it's a taxi driver, nurse, waitress or saleswoman, and you have to grudgingly admit that the customer is king. Therefore, never take it personally if someone misbehaves!


Fight the daily grind!

But it will come, for sure: the routine and practice that makes everything easier. Then you will have air and time again to think about your business. Maybe you even got a little bored over time? Always selling the same thing? Did you imagine this business to be much more varied and exciting, also in terms of your sales?

When you're ready, you should rethink your concept. At www.imbisskult.de there are so many suggestions for new ideas and concepts, especially in the “Concepts” section, that you can pick out a new business concept and easily adopt it.




There are more and more: vegans and vegetarians

Many food trucks now also offer dishes for vegetarians and vegans, as the demand has grown enormously, after which politicians have made climate protection a priority. Do not forget this important target group with high purchasing power, because it is growing steadily and does not look meticulously at the price - the main thing is that it is healthy and climate-friendly.

You will find enough suggestions and successful concepts in the Projects section.




Hearty breakfast right on trend!

An operator in Berlin offers a hearty breakfast: fried eggs, bratwurst and bacon, with french fries or rolls on request. The workload is not great, the roaster is on anyway and is already warming the finished sausages and bacon. His customers include all mobile customers who have to get up very early and did not have time to have breakfast at home.

This breakfast, which is common in the USA, is also becoming a hit here!


Convenience food

From an economic point of view, it would make little economic sense if you now laboriously cook everything yourself in your truck, this project is too time-consuming and the galley too cramped. You should kindly sell a lot and generate good sales. Nevertheless, you can offer your guests culinary variety with "convenience food".

This translates as “comfortable food” and they are offered as processed raw materials right through to the finished menu, which only needs to be made hot. It really couldn't be more convenient!

These ready-made foods, which were still to be enjoyed with reservations 20 years ago, are used every day in millions of households and nowadays even more so in gastronomy, as it is only there that they make economical and affordable kitchen calculations possible. The quality has increased enormously and can often hardly be distinguished from home-made products.

You too are probably familiar with a lot of these products, they range from french fries, ready-made potato salad, ketchup, pre-formed and seasoned hamburgers or chicken legs, pizzas to sauces and stews. And the good thing about it is: Despite using CF products, you can still legally write: “Homemade” on your menu.


Further advantages of convenience food are for you:

  • You only use the goods that you actually sell.
  • There is less waste
  • The material costs are reduced.
  • Very easy preparation with great time savings.
  • Long availability (frozen or canned).
  • Less storage space required.
  • Consistent good quality.
  • Clear calculation.



Or do you still want to wash, peel and cut your fries with very fresh and ecologically valuable potatoes straight from the field as a "fries specialist" in a costly and time-consuming way?

Just. Buy the delicious, ready-made Belgian fries deep-frozen and just throw them into the hot deep fryer. You already know: homemade!


Are you looking for a lucrative stand for your food truck or street food trailer or a successful gastronomic concept with which you can generate good sales in a short time?

Then take a look HERE!




Taste lovingly!

Stop, from the can to the plate, no go! Now you can show what you are made of as a chef. Spice up the food with fresh spices, taste it, but don't make it too salty. And please not too much of a good thing!

Give the food a special touch that makes the guest believe that it comes from a very good restaurant kitchen. There are no limits to your imagination. Word will certainly get around to your customers very quickly that you have a varied menu and that the stews taste like “nuts”, that is, like “home-made”.


Never a lukewarm currywurst,
an absolute "no go"!

If you offer currywurst with your "homemade sauce", then you have to make the effort to make the sauce hot and not toss it cold on the lukewarm sausage, as I have already experienced several times myself; tastes terrible.

Then the whole meal is quickly cold and the guest is guaranteed not to come back. But I think that was clear to you ...




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