How do I change my Emirates Airliness booking?

Manage booking

You have many options with our booking management tool and can take control of your trip with just a few clicks. It's easy and safe. All you have to do is enter your booking number and last name to get started.

  • Manage booking
    You can edit and manage all of your travel matters. Book a special meal if you are on a certain diet, change your seat, and add a hotel or rental car to your booking. You can also book additional services such as the chauffeur service.
  • Check your travel plan:
    View, print, or email your itinerary. Review flight details and make changes to your booking.
  • Select seat:
    Select your seat on the plane. Discover our 3D seating plan and get an overview before you choose your seat. Because you can choose your seat, it also means your family or friends can sit together if you are traveling in a large group. You can use "Manage booking" to change your seat at any time until check-in.
  • Update your email address and contact number
    Keep your details up to date so that we can send you notifications about the status of your flights, any disruptions or the possibility of an upgrade.
  • Check in online
    Save time at the airport and check in online from 48 hours to 90 minutes before your flight. You can also use mobile check-in and download your boarding pass to your mobile phone. When you check in online, you can choose your seat for free.
  • Buy extra baggage allowance
    View the upper limits for your checked baggage allowance and hand baggage and pay for additional baggage allowance online with a 20% discount compared to the prices at the airport. Check our baggage policy before you fly.
  • Log into Emirates Skywards
    Manage every aspect of your frequent flyer account online. Add your membership number to your booking and earn Skywards Miles on your flight, or use miles to upgrade. Check your mileage account, check when your miles will expire and find out how many status miles you still need for the next higher status of your membership. Not a member yet? Register online for free.