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Standard dimensions for windows - build cheaper

Size table - standard dimensions of windows

In the size table we show you the common sizes of the windows. Of course, there are also larger and smaller window sizes, such as the floor-to-ceiling windows. However, these are now offered by most window manufacturers as patio doors and are therefore not included in this list.

Standard sizes of building materials are regulated in most cases in DIN 4172. The width and height of a window is usually a multiple of 12.5 centimeters plus one centimeter for the proportion of the joints.

Example of the calculation

You can recalculate our list below. For example, this results in the smallest size window

4 x 12.5 + 1 = 51

So you can easily determine other sizes yourself. A floor-to-ceiling window of 201 centimeters is 16 x 12.5 + 1. With this small rule of thumb, it is very easy to determine all the required window sizes in a standard size.

Widths and heights of windows:

  • 51 centimeters
  • 63.5 centimeters
  • 76 centimeters
  • 88.5 centimeters
  • 101 centimeters
  • 113.5 centimeters
  • 126 centimeters
  • 138.5 centimeters

Combinations of dimensions

You can of course combine the dimensions with one another, after all, the windows are not always square. However, you will seldom find unusual combinations on the market, such as a 51 centimeter high window that is 126 centimeters wide.

The size of the window area in a room is of course subject to a standard in this country. DIN 5034 regulates the lighting values ​​in living spaces. However, the rules for the minimum values ​​are also typically different within the federal states.

While most federal states are satisfied with ten percent of the floor space of a room as window area, the building authorities in some states, such as Saxony or Hamburg, for example, require 12.5 percent of the floor space of the room. Also note these values ​​when planning the building.

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