Why was the Phobos satellite taken out of service

Phobos: moon or space station?

@ stone1
The P.M. is perhaps a revolver gossip, - And yet there is something true at the core of the statement, since the non-coding deoxyribonucleic acid contains palindromes and about 95% of the nucleotides in human DNA are regarded as non-coding DNA, that is, a maximum of 5% of the nucleotides which DNA consists of, encode genetic information for proteins.

Why ??? The energy expenditure for this is immense!

“The ENCODE project, in which the functional elements of the genome are to be described, came to the conclusion that these areas are nevertheless to a large extent transcribed, ie rewritten in RNA. However, a new study contradicts this finding and comes to the conclusion that non-coding areas are practically not transcribed. "

second part; @ Ranma 1/2
It's about the moon Phobos, whether it is a space station or not, ergo about Carl Sagan's statement about the subjective perception of a person's consciousness;
Quote: “Whether humans would be able to recognize a civilization of level 2-3 in their immediate surroundings, since humanity temporarily exists on level 0”.

third part; @ Ranma 1/2
On the Copenhagen interpretation, -I twisted the interpretation to the many-worlds interpretation (from this it follows that every time development is deterministic, i.e. also the time development in a measurement)
Einstein said about quantum mechanics, - “So the moon is not there if it is not looking (measurement), - for me yes ((fluctuation (.., - 1.0, + 1, ...) of elementary particles; quantum mechanics)) and no, through the interaction of atoms (physics).

Which leads to the philosophical question of reality - do we live e.g. in a hologram, or are we part of a Boltzmann brain etc. ?!

That again leads to the question; What role does the “limbic system” (bouncer) of the human brain play, where we end up with Carl Sagan, ergo the question; What can a human brain perceive at all, besides the subjectivity of the observer ?!