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10 really good Netflix movies PART 1

It is Monday evening and therefore obviously the evening on which you do not leave the house. On Sunday the euphoria from the weekend may still resonate, on Wednesday you prepare for the weekend again - but on Monday. Monday evening should be the holy evening of quality time and for euphoric Netflix users like me, busy me-time evenings (and days too, let's be honest) are a challenge. Series? Seen the most important. It's amazing how many series you can see if you really WANT. A change can shake up the series routine. Something that's like a series, just a little bit shorter, you see? A story that compresses 5 seasons of 10 episodes of one hour each.

Exactly. Really good Netflix movies.

But experienced Netflix users also know why they have already seen all of the series, but have not gotten beyond Pulp Fiction, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Clockwerk Orange in terms of film technology. The film tips that you have accumulated in your note-taking app over the years of laborious work and Insta-Story views (“Film tip?”) Are no longer necessary with Netflix. Almost all of them don't exist. That's why I, an avid cineast and sloth, went on a search, watched (at least it felt like it) the entire film contingent of Netflix, in order to introduce you to Part 1 of the 10 REALLY good Netflix films that you may not have seen yet. Lean back, save yourself the trailer marathon, don't read a story before, trust me and have fun doing nothing.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Forget Mine Not (2004)

Credit: Constantin Film
Short and sweet: complex and clever love story with style and humor
Genre: Romance, tragic comedy, independent
Perfect for: Netflix and chill
Similar to: The lobster
Also included: Jim Carrey (not funny, in his good years as a serious and fantastic actor), Kate Winslet as a blue-haired and red-haired rebel

The Perks of being a Wallflower / Maybe Better Tomorrow (2012)

Credit: Capelight Pictures
Short and sweet: Shallow but beautiful high school story that just makes you feel good
Genre: Coming of Age, Indie
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, hangover day, Sunday
Similar to: Charlie Bartlett, It's kind of a funny story, Juno
Also included: Emma Watson with short hair

See in Bruges / Bruges ... and die? (2008)

Short and sweet: "Film that you have to see". Tragic comedy with damn beautiful pictures, contract killers and clever dialogues. Entertaining and challenging at the same time. Something for everyone.
Genre: Tragic comedy, crime, action, drama
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, date, movie night alone / with a girlfriend. Actually perfect for every situation
Similar to: Seven Psychopaths, Fight Club
Also included: Colin Farrell, Clémence Poésy

Too Late (2015)

Short and sweet: Sophisticated independent film, with a graphic and artistic 35mm one-shot aesthetic
Genre: drama
Perfect for: Date, movie night alone or as a couple
Similar to: Pulp Fiction, Bird Man
Also included: Joanna Cassidy

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Credit: Touchstone Pictures
Short and sweet: "Film that you have to see". Poetic coming-of-age film or college / high school film in good shape
Genre: Drama, indie
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, lovesickness, date, movie night alone / for two. Always works.
Similar to: Romeo and Juliet meets Strike! Girls in power. Or so.
Also included: Robin Williams

Almost Famous (2000)

Credit: DreamWorks SKG
Short and sweet: Shallow but beautiful summer film. Festival flair. Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll and of course a little love.
Genre: tragicomedy
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, movie night with friends, hangover day
Similar to: Tonight you're mine
Also included: Kate Hudson (one of her few good roles), Zooey Deschanel

Adaptation / The Orchid Thief (2002)

Credit: Columbia TriStar
Short and sweet: Unofficial part 2 of "Being John Malkovich" (not seen? Watch it. But not on Netflix.). As with Being John Malkovich, Nicholas Cage stars as Charlie Kaufman (autobiographical, actual screenwriter of Being John Malkovich, adaptation and, by the way, also film number 1 "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"). Complex, entertaining, strange, good.
Genre: Drama, independent
Perfect for: Date, hangover day, movie night alone
Similar to: Being John Malkovich
Also included: Nicholas Cage (one of his very good roles), Meryl Streep, Tilda Swinton

Snatch / Pigs and Diamonds (2000)

Credit: Columbia Pictures
Short and sweet: Unofficial part 2 of Jack, Queen, King, Grass. Very funny, British, different storylines, difficult to understand in OV.
Genre: comedy
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, movie night with friends. But actually (like all films, by the way) everything
Similar to: Jack, queen, king, grass. Burn After Reading. Inglorious Basterds
Also included: Brad Pitt, Jason Statham

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Credit: Focus Features
Short and sweet: "Film that you have to see." Dramatic and darn emotional love story.
Genre: drama
Perfect for: Netflix and cry. Anyone who has no problem crying while watching movies
Similar to: Titanic (the movie is just good). Romeo and Juliet (that one too).
Also included: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal

Swimming Pool (2003)

Credit: Canal +
Short and sweet: French soft thriller. Mystical atmosphere, melancholy, philosophical food for thought, summer film.
Genre: Drama, or "typical French film stop"
Perfect for: Netflix and chill, melancholy days
Similar to: What use is love in thoughts
Also included: Charlotte Rampling