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Diverse culture along the way

Interesting question: what role do museums actually play in a digitized world? Do you really need it?

So: you can really get an idea of ​​this in the most diverse collections on the various topics. Then you realize that it is of particular added value for the people of a region to observe and pass on developments over generations.

Particularly committed people were always required to document their knowledge, their further developments.

Museums ensure that important things and developments from the past are not forgotten. They are treasures of humanity, be it in the natural sciences, history, art, technology, jurisprudence and are simply part of our lives. One recognizes the importance of the past for the present as well as its effects on the future.

You don't need a smartphone or the like for these interesting “learning spaces”, you will find out that the museums themselves have interesting stories to offer in order to educate and inspire visitors. It is almost impossible to leave this historic place without having gained some information or insight during the visit.

Embark on a journey of discovery in this way into the life of innovative people in a wonderful region.

It certainly makes sense to find out about the exact opening times on the respective homepage.

You can also find a list of all museums on our homepage www.lebensweg.info> Museums


I wish you lots of inspiration and a great time!

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Photo credit: Basilica Maria Taferl, community Yspertal, cultural center Josef Elter, European castle Leiben, Johann Jindra, trucker house, community Lichtenau, community Dorfstetten, community Bärnkof, castle Pöggstall - Waldviertel Tourismus, lichtstark.com