Elizabeth Warren lied to Congress

Five weeks after the shutdown began, Republicans and Democrats have reached an agreement. It is valid for three weeks. All news in the ticker.

Trump threatened to declare a state of emergency on the Fox TV station. During a previous visit to the border, he once again complained about the “enormous flood of illegal immigration”. Trump threatened Turkey with “economic destruction” should it come to an attack on Kurdish troops. Trump insists on financing the wall on the border with Mexico. In the dispute with the opposition Democrats, there was a budget freeze. It was the longest shutdown in US history so far. You can find more news about Donald Trump here. >>> Update <<<

Update from May 15, 2019:In the USA, Donald's son Eric Trump is currently causing a sensation: He had a violent exchange of blows with the New York mayor

Bill de Maio, who in turn also dealt against Eric Trump and his father.

6:12 p.m .: He did it again: US President Donald Trump once again made fun of climate change in a tweet. In the American Midwest, temperatures of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit (-51.6 degrees Celsius, editor's note) are currently measured in the cold wind, Trump wrote on Tuesday. “What the hell is wrong with global warming? Please come back quickly, we need you! ”The republican blasphemed. Meanwhile, the US President has a new idea: According to a newspaper report, Donald Trump wants to buy the largest island in the world.

In the beautiful Midwest, wind chill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can't last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 29, 2019

On Twitter, however, Trump was mainly ridiculed for his post. Most of the likes among the respondents earned harsh criticism from the pen of Walter Shaub, a former head of the US Federal Office for Government Ethics - Shaub had resigned from this office in summer 2017. "I understand that science is a difficult business, but this ignorant tweet is just plain embarrassing," etched Shaub - and earned 34,000 likes.

Richard N. Haass, a former US diplomat and the incumbent president of the influential “Council for Foreign Relations”, also spoke up during the posting. "Donald Trump may make fun of climate change, but it is happening faster and with greater impact than previously thought," warned Haass. It is only "a matter of time before many of his supporters find out that they are particularly susceptible to the consequences of these costly, life-changing effects".

In addition, Trump now shot with violent words against two possible opponents in the US election campaign.

However, Donald Trump threatens new trouble shortly before Easter: The Mueller report on possible contacts Trump to Russia is to be published. So far there has only been a summary.

Satellite images of the Arctic Circle are currently causing a sensation: A huge fire is burning in the Arctic, which could have fatal consequences for the climate.

Trump trusts arrested - Stone does not plead guilty

January 29, 5:51 p.m .: Long-time confidante of US President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, denies all allegations of obstructing judicial investigations. Stone pleaded not guilty in a Washington court on Tuesday on the charges made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team. Several US media reported this unanimously. Stone was arrested in Florida on Friday and later conditionally released. He is accused of making several false statements. He is also said to have tried to influence a witness. The background to this is Mueller's investigation into whether there were agreements between the Trump camp and representatives of Russia in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Stone had worked for Trump in 2015 - in preparation for the 2016 presidential campaign. He remained in close contact with him afterwards as a kind of informal advisor.

10:57 p.m .:US President Donald Trump is now due to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress on February 5 - a week later than originally planned. The chairman of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced on Monday in Washington that she had agreed on this date with Trump. In a published letter to Trump, the front woman of the opposition Democrats formally invited the President to speak in the Chamber of Deputies that day.

Previously, Pelosi and Trump had a heated argument about the date and place for the address. The US President traditionally delivers a State of the Union address at the beginning of the year. This Tuesday (local time) was originally intended for this.

However, because of the partial standstill of the US government for weeks, Pelosi had insisted that the speech be postponed - until after the end of this longest “shutdown” in US history. After some back and forth, Pelosi had finally made use of her house rules and Trump refused to speak as long as the "shutdown" lasted. Trump gave in in the end. The partial standstill of government affairs came to an end on Friday. This cleared the way to set a new date for the speech.

"Autocrat in the White House": High-ranking CDU politician attacks Trump sharply

8:05 p.m .: The CDU politician and EU budget commissioner Günther Oettinger has set a hefty tip against US President Donald Trump. The Europeans lived in a "battle of systems," said Oettinger on Monday in Berlin in a speech at the Bertelsmann Foundation. The liberal societies with separation of powers, independent courts, fundamental freedoms and a social market economy are under pressure. On the other hand, the Europeans would have to stand together, against Islamism, against autocracies in Ankara and Moscow. “And autocrats also tweet from the White House around the clock,” said Oettinger, referring to US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump in the Wall Dispute: The shutdown cost so many billions

6:05 p.m .: According to an official calculation by independent budget auditors, the partial standstill of the US federal government (“shutdown”) devoured eleven billion dollars in economic output. A large part of this can be made up, but three billion are definitely lost, according to a report presented on Monday by the bipartisan office (Congressional Budget Office). On behalf of the congress, it carries out cost calculations for important social decisions in the USA.

The 35-day partial standstill will cost the US 0.1 percentage points in economic growth in the fourth quarter of last year, and even 0.2 percentage points in the first quarter of 2019. On the other hand, growth in the following quarters will probably be somewhat higher. After the compensatory effects, the “shutdown” will only reduce economic output by 0.02 points.

Trump recently gave advice to Boeing - in the process, he himself belly landed with an airline

After the "shutdown": Trump doubts an agreement in the Wall dispute

8.30 a.m.: In his own words, US President Trump does not believe in an agreement that is acceptable to him in the dispute over the financing of a border wall with Mexico. In an interview with Wall Street Journal he estimated the chances of a newly appointed group of 17 congressmen reaching an agreement in time as slim. At the same time, he did not rule out using emergency powers to build the border system. Trump did not want to rule out another government shutdown either. “That is sure to be a possibility,” he said.

Update from January 28, 2019:

The longtime former Starbucks boss Howard Schultz is aiming for the US presidency as an independent candidate. The 65-year-old ex-boss of the café chain told the New York Times on Sunday that he had already started preparations to take part in the elections in all 50 states. He plans to cross the country in the next three months before really deciding whether to take part in the race. "We have a broken political system in which both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are basically in business to preserve their own ideology, with no recognition or responsibility to represent the interests of the American people," said Schultz, who describes himself as a lifelong Democrats.

The 65-year-old resigned as chairman of Starbucks last year. He has worked for the café chain since 1982. After his resignation, he said that he was now considering what he could do to be most useful for the future of the United States.

Update from January 26th: America's longest "shutdown" suspended for three weeks - the background:

The longest “shutdown” in the history of the United States ended after five weeks: US President Donald Trump signed a budget bill on Friday evening (local time) that opened the US government completely, as the White House announced. However, the transitional funding is only valid until February 15th. Until then, Trump's Republicans, Democrats and the White House want to find an agreement in the dispute over the financing of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Trump demands from Congress - the US parliament - $ 5.7 billion (around 5 billion euros) for the construction of the border wall. On Friday, the president threatened another “shutdown” or the declaration of a “national emergency” if the funds were not approved. The Democrats, whose votes Trump needs in Congress, still refuse to finance a wall.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders wrote on Twitter on Friday evening that in 21 days Trump would move forward with plans to build the Wall - "with or without the Democrats". In Trump's view, if he declares a “national emergency”, he could have the wall built without the approval of Congress. This is controversial and is likely to be challenged in court.

Trump said in the White House rose garden on Friday, "I am very proud to announce that we have reached a deal to end the 'shutdown' and reopen the federal government." it essentially corresponds to a proposal by the Democrats.

Trump contradicted this impression. "That was by no means a concession," he wrote on Twitter. Before the "shutdown" he had announced that he would use the government standstill as leverage to force the Democrats to give way in the dispute over the wall. On Thursday he had at least asked for a “substantial down payment” for the wall before agreeing to a transitional budget.

The transitional budget that has now been adopted does not provide any funding for a wall, the construction of which was one of Trump's most important election promises. In the 2016 election campaign, Trump even promised Mexico would pay to build the border wall. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Friday: "The President has agreed to our demand to open the government and then discuss border security."

Before Trump was signed, the Republican-controlled Senate and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed the transitional budget on Friday evening. For three weeks, the budget ensures the funding of those ministries whose funds ran out shortly before Christmas.

9:01 p.m .: The US Democrats have seen the end of the partial government standstill in the US as a victory for their policies. "The President has agreed to our demand to end the shutdown and then end the issue of border security," wrote the opposition leader in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, on Twitter. Schumer had met with the chief of the Republican majority faction, Mitch McConnell, on Thursday evening. It was initially unclear whether these discussions led to a breakthrough.

Longest “shutdown” in US history: Trump announces provisional agreement with Democrats

8:21 pm:For more than a month, the budget dispute has paralyzed parts of the US government, and the shutdown is on the nerves of the nation. Now US President Trump has announced an agreement with the Democrats to finally reopen the government - for at least three weeks.

Five weeks after the start of the “shutdown” in the USA, US President Donald Trump has announced a breakthrough in the bitter budget dispute with the Democrats. "I am very proud to announce that we have reached a deal to end the" shutdown "and reopen the federal government," said Trump on Friday in the rose garden of the White House. Transitional funding for the disused parts of the government was agreed until February 15. During this time, measures to secure borders should be discussed.


- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 25, 2019

5:26 p.m .:

The ongoing budget dispute in the USA is also increasingly having an impact on air traffic. The FAA reported that there were delays at LaGuardia Airport in New York and in neighboring Newark and Philadelphia due to staff shortages. Flights arriving there were delayed by an average of 41 minutes.

Flights would be diverted and air traffic slowed because air traffic controllers were increasingly calling in sick, reported the New York Times citing the FAA. The failures were there in FAA offices in Washington and Florida.

12:54 p.m .: After weeks of stagnation, the dispute over the longest budget freeze in US history is moving again: top representatives of President Donald Trump's Republicans and the opposition Democrats discussed a temporary solution for three weeks on Thursday. Talks should continue on Friday. Two proposals by Republicans and Democrats for an end to the budget freeze had previously failed in the US Senate.

The Senate Republican chief Mitch McConnell and his Democratic colleague Chuck Schumer discussed a possible compromise proposal in private to provide the federal agencies affected by the "shutdown" with money for at least three weeks and during this time they continued to discuss the issue of border security to advise.

Video: Budget dispute prevents Trump's speech on the US state

Trump was cautious about the new attempt. He would support a "sensible deal," said the president. The possible legal text would have to contain funds for the construction of the wall at the border. According to his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, these should be "substantial".

On suspicion of false statements: Long-time Trump confidante arrested

12:51 p.m .: US political advisor Roger Stone, a longtime confidante of President Donald Trump, has been charged and arrested. The 66-year-old is accused of making false statements to investigators and influencing witnesses, as the special investigator Robert Mueller's office announced on Friday. Stone is due to appear in court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that same day.

Stone had been linked to the Trump team during the presidential campaign. In August 2016 he stated that he had contacts with Wikileaks. In 2016, the platform published internal emails from the Democratic Party headquarters and the election campaign team of Trump's rival Hillary Trump, which had been hijacked by alleged Russian hackers.

Later, according to the indictment, Stone is alleged to have obstructed investigations in Congress into alleged Russian cyber interventions in the election campaign and the role of Wikileaks in it.

Explosive paper: is Donald Trump now declaring a “national emergency”?

11.50 a.m .: Donald Trump could apparently enforce his plan to build a wall on the US border with Mexico in a brutal way: As the news channel CNN reports online, the White House is working on a draft for the declaration of a "national emergency". This would probably allow Trump to instruct the Department of Defense to build the wall without the go-ahead of Congress.

"The massive number of foreigners who illegally enter the US every day represents a direct threat to the security of our nation and creates a national emergency," the broadcaster quoted from the alleged draft of the declaration of emergency. The White House has also already identified possible pots of money for financing seven billion dollars for the construction of the Wall, it is said.

However, it still seems unclear whether this will actually happen. Trump's advisors are divided on the project, writes CNN. There are concerns above all with a view to possible lawsuits - both on the part of the Democrats and landowners, whose land could be expropriated for the construction of the wall with the aid of the declaration of emergency.

USA wants to crack down on asylum seekers from Mexico

9.48 a.m .: In the USA, stricter regulations for asylum seekers who come into the country via the Mexican border will apply from Friday. In the future, refugees will only be allowed to cross the San Ysidro border crossing between the Mexican city of Tijuana and San Diego in California after a positive decision on their asylum application, as a spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security said.

In the past year, tens of thousands of migrants tried to cross the border into the United States. According to the Department of Homeland Security, almost all of them went into hiding after crossing the border in the United States. At least 80 percent of the applications are also unfounded. Most of the applicants fled poverty and violence in their home countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

According to the Ministry of Homeland Security, the new rules apply to all migrants who want to cross the border without valid papers and who are not threatened with torture or persecution in Mexico. Unaccompanied minors would be exempt from the provisions. The aim is to help people with "legitimate" reasons for asylum more quickly and to deter other migrants from traveling to the border.

Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen said the measure should help to resolve the "humanitarian and security crisis" on the US southern border. The immigration system has been "exploited" long enough.

The administration of US President Donald Trump had already announced the plans in December. However, she waited until the new Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office. The new regulation is part of Trump's tough policy against illegal immigrants.

After breaking off relations: US diplomats withdraw some of them from Venezuela

Update 6.41 a.m.: In view of the worsening crisis in Venezuela, the US is withdrawing some of its diplomats from the South American country. The US State Department on Thursday ordered that all US government employees who are not urgently needed should leave Venezuela. "The US government has limited opportunities to provide emergency aid to US citizens in Venezuela," the ministry said.

Venezuela's head of state Nicolás Maduro announced the severance of diplomatic relations between his country and the United States on Wednesday and gave the US diplomatic corps 72 hours to leave the country. The USA, which no longer recognizes Maduro as the country's legitimate head of state, initially rejected this.

The U.S. State Department's order on Thursday means U.S. diplomats should still remain in Venezuela. In the power struggle in Venezuela, the US has stood behind the opposition parliamentary speaker Juan Guaidó, who declared himself interim president on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, following an initiative by Mexico and Uruguay for a new political dialogue in Venezuela, President Maduro is open to talks with the opposition. "We support the proposal of the governments of Mexico and Uruguay to launch a new international initiative for a dialogue between the political forces in Venezuela to seek an agreement under the constitution that guarantees stability and peace for all Venezuelans," wrote Maduro on Thursday on Twitter.

As in "House of Cards": Formerly a government employee writes a revelation book

Update from January 24th, 6:32 a.m .: Usually, books criticizing Donald Trump come from his opponents. It seldom happens that someone who actually belonged to the Trump camp takes the US president extremely hard.

"It was the shitty shitty job I've ever had," said Cliff Simms, the author, quoting former White House chief of staff John Francis Kelly. The day of his release was the "best day" since he entered the White House. This is just one of the many anecdotes that Sims, who worked in public relations for the government until 2018, collected in his book "Team of Vipers".

At the White House, he does not leave good hair. He calls the seat of the President “a haven of treason and duplicity”; the workers there are "out of control". If someone says that who can be classified as Trump-friendly, the alarm bells should be ringing for the president. Sims often quarreled with the demeanor of his former superior.

Some anecdotes sound like episodes from political series like "House of Cards". According to Simms, Trump should keep a list of employees who he suspects are hostile to him. In this way, Trump should want to get rid of his rivals and adversaries. "We have to get rid of all the snakes, even the dregs," Simms quotes the President of the United States.

Simms also has a theory about the reasons for his own expulsion. The president has never advocated loyal employees and will probably not do so in the future either. His sobering conclusion is that his personal relationship with Trump has prevented him from realizing "that anyone who does not share his last name will be disposed of."

Pope warns Trump - "Fear drives you crazy" - The reports from January 24th

Update 2:05 p.m .:On his way to Panama, Pope Francis criticized the fortification of the border between the USA and Mexico. "Fear drives you crazy," said the Pope to one of the journalists on Wednesday on the Pope plane, who told him about his experience in Tijuana. There a wall extends into the sea to prevent people from crossing the border.

The issue of migration will play a role on World Youth Day, which the Pope is attending. Panama on the route of migrants, hundreds of thousands of whom leave their home countries for the United States every year because of poverty, violence and corruption.

Update from January 23, 12.25 p.m .:In the struggle to end the longest budget freeze in US history, the US Senate is due to vote on two proposals on Thursday. The majority leaders of the Republicans and opposition Democrats in the Senate agreed on this on Tuesday, but the proposals are given little chance of a majority.

The Republicans' proposal, which will be voted on Thursday, provides for a procedural vote that is supposed to secure funding for the federal authorities by September. It also includes the funds requested by US President Donald Trump to build a wall on the border with Mexico, as well as his immigration policy proposals.

The Democrats' proposal, which is also being voted on, provides for interim funding from the authorities until February 8th. This is to gain time to debate border security and immigration. Even if the proposal passed Congress, "the president wouldn't sign it," said a senior Republican Senate official.

The two proposals each need a majority of at least 60 of the 100 senators. In view of the hardened fronts, such a majority seems highly unlikely at the moment.

Trump's shutdown plunges FBI agents into "financial hardship" - no more wage payments

Update from January 23, 11:15 a.m .: "I find it abhorrent that our people have been plunging into financial difficulties for over a month now. The FBI agents don't get any money for their work," complained the President of the Federal Association of FBI Agents, Tom O'Connor.

As the Tagesschau reports, the longest shutdown in US history is increasingly becoming a security risk for the country. There is a lack of security personnel at the airports, around ten percent of the employees at the security controls are absent, and increased sick leave is reported. Many are forced to take part-time jobs to pay for rent or food.

Most of the 13,000 FBI agents would continue to work, but there was a lack of money for translators and informants. Even toilet paper is now in short supply.

Trump's government can no longer pay FBI informants

Update from January 22nd, September 22nd:

The FBI's work has been severely restricted by the four and a half weeks of the US budget freeze. The federal police can no longer pay informants and translators, for example, or buy drugs for covert operations, complained anonymous FBI employees, according to a statement published by their professional association FBIAA on Tuesday.

But if FBI sources can no longer be paid, there is a risk of "losing them and the information they provide forever," a staff member was quoted as saying. According to the association, an FBI office also complained that there was a lack of money for DNA test kits, replacement car tires and copy paper.

FBIAA chairman Tom O'Connor complained that every day the budget lockdown persists increases the "operational barriers" for the FBI. This increases the damage to the global anti-terrorism activities of the FBI as well as to the defense against secret service operations in other countries.

The majority of the approximately 13,000 FBI special agents have to continue to work - even though their salaries are not paid as a result of the budget freeze. The FBIAA had already denounced the situation as "intolerable" almost two weeks ago.

Trump doubts the sense of press briefings

Update from January 22nd, 8:56 p.m .:US President Donald Trump has questioned the purpose of the press briefings held by his spokeswoman in another attack on the media. He told Sarah Sanders that she should "not worry" about the briefings, Trump wrote on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter. The White House message can be delivered without these briefings.

The regular formal briefings in the press room of the White House under previous presidents have already become a rarity. Sanders gave her most recent such briefing on December 18. Instead, she speaks informally and spontaneously to journalists more often. On these occasions, however, reporters have less time and opportunity to ask questions and follow up.

The reason why Sanders rarely goes to the podium in the press room is the "rude" and "incorrect" reporting of her statements, Trump noted. Most of the media never reported "fair" about his government, which is why they use the name "fake news".

Trump is suspicious and critical of much of the US media. He accuses these media of reporting bias and hostility about his presidency. Again and again, the President personally and violently attacked individual journalists. Last November, he even had the accreditation of the prominent CNN reporter Jim Acosta withdrawn for a short time after a verbal dispute.

Another top US diplomat resigns

Update from January 22nd 7:05 p.m .:The US State Department head responsible for Europe resigns. He is looking forward to spending more time with his children in the future, said Wess Mitchell in Washington on Tuesday. His departure tears another gap in the State Department, where the filling of top positions has been very slow since President Donald Trump took office two years ago.

Relations between the US and Europe have deteriorated significantly under Trump, among other things due to the president's departure from the nuclear agreement with Iran and the Paris climate protection agreement and due to his extremely skeptical attitude towards NATO.

Mitchell, however, did not reveal whether his departure had anything to do with the president's course. Rather, he stated that by the beginning of his third year in office he had the impression that his task of "developing the State Department's European strategy" had been completed. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the department head, who is leaving on February 15, for his "great work".

Foreign Minister Pompeo: Brexit shows "positive development"

Update from January 22nd, 7:01 p.m .:US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has welcomed the processes of political upheaval in various parts of the world as a "positive development". "A new wind is blowing around the world," said Pompeo on Tuesday in a video message to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

As positive examples of such "disruptions", Pompeo cited the election of Donald Trump as US President, the British decision to leave the EU, the government participation of the populist five-star movement in Italy and the election victory of the recently introduced Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who represents far-right positions.

In recent years, voters have punished politicians and political alliances that they believed did not represent their interests, said the US chief diplomat. He admitted that Trump's criticism of international institutions had caused irritation. Sometimes it causes concern in others when "hard questions" are asked, said Pompeo. But he denied that the US is more isolated than it used to be.

The Trump administration is not represented in Davos this year. The US president had canceled his trip to the meeting of economic and state leaders in Switzerland because of the budget freeze currently in force in his country and partial shutdown of the federal authorities. He therefore also canceled the participation of other US government officials.

Update from January 22, 5:51 p.m .:US President Donald Trump has achieved a stage victory in the US Supreme Court with his planned ban on transgender recruits from the US military. With an order on Tuesday, the Supreme Court initially reinstated the ban in two cases, until appeals have been decided in these two proceedings. Lower instances had stopped the ban issued by Trump in these two proceedings for the time being. The prominent civil rights organization ACLU argued that Trump's ban is still suspended nationwide.

The ACLU justified this by saying that the Supreme Court had not dealt with a third case in which a court in the state of Maryland had suspended the ban nationwide. From the point of view of the ACLU, this ruling will continue to apply until a ruling by an appeals body. The civil rights organization criticized the Supreme Court's decision in the other two cases as "deeply worrying".

Trump announced the ban in 2017. A formal regulation from the White House followed last March. According to this, transgender people who require “comprehensive medical treatment” due to a gender identity disorder are to be largely excluded from military service. Transgender people are people who do not - or not only - identify with the gender that was recorded when they were born.

The Supreme Court decided with a narrow majority of the five conservative judges. The four liberal judges voted against. The Trump administration had urged the Supreme Court to make a quick decision. Usually, cases must be finally resolved in the lower courts before they go to the Supreme Court. The opposition Democrats criticize the planned ban as discriminatory and wrong.

Update from January 22nd at 5:50 p.m .:According to his lawyer, US citizen Paul Whelan, arrested in Moscow on charges of espionage, was unknowingly in possession of Russian state secrets. The 48-year-old had received a USB stick with secret documents, but had no knowledge of the contents of the data carrier, said Whelan's defense attorney Vladimir Scherebenkov on Tuesday after a hearing in Moscow. The court refused to allow the US citizen arrested in December to be released on bail.

His client assumed that the USB stick contained information about Russian culture, said Scherebenkov. He could not look at the data before his arrest. The lawyer gave no information about who Whelan should have received the USB stick from.

The former U.S. soldier was seen publicly at Tuesday's hearing for the first time since his arrest in late December. He took a seat in a glass case in the courtroom, as is customary for accused in Russia.

The judge rejected the defense's request to release Whelan from custody on bail. Scherebenkow announced that he would appeal the decision. He assumes that Whelan's trial will take at least six months.

Update from January 22, 2019, 4:19 p.m .:According to their own statements, Israel and the USA successfully tested the Arrow-3 (Arrow-3) missile defense system jointly developed by the two countries on Tuesday. The system can intercept missiles at altitudes above the earth's atmosphere that have been launched from a distance of up to 2,400 kilometers. The test took place against the background of tensions with Iran.

The Israeli army announced on Monday that it had bombed military facilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at Damascus airport in retaliation for an alleged Iranian rocket attack on Israel. In addition, ammunition depots, a training camp and an intelligence agency were attacked.

As the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced on Tuesday, 21 people, mostly Iranians, were killed. The information provided by the UK-based organization, which it obtains from activists in Syria, is difficult to independently verify.

Belorussian escort girl at large with evidence of Russian interference in US election campaign

Update from January 22, 2019, 4:08 p.m .:A Belarusian model and escort girl who wants evidence of alleged Russian interference in the US election campaign has been released from Moscow custody. However, the woman will continue to be investigated for inciting prostitution, the judge said on Tuesday, according to Russian media.

Anastassija Vashukyevich was arrested in Thailand last year. She was only allowed to leave the country at the weekend, but was taken back into custody at Moscow Airport. The woman claimed to have had an affair with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in 2016. During an excursion, she claims to have recorded how the oligarch admits meddling in the US election campaign. Deripaska is considered a confidante of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. He denies the allegations. The Vashukyevich case has been making international headlines for months.

Update from January 22, 2019, 10:05 a.m .: It is well known that US President Donald Trump's social media channels are often prone to insults and new words, such as his famous “covfefe”. But now the American president is also supposed to manipulate pictures on Instagram and Facebook, for a very specific reason: The apparently edited pictures are supposed to make him appear slimmer.

According to its own information, the Gizmodo portal has exposed at least three different edited images of the president since October 2018. For example, the president is said to have been cheated thinner in the following picture on Instagram:

According to Gizmodo, the White House's official flickr page shows the original photo of his right shoulder, face and even fingers looking thicker than his Instagram picture. Donald Trump is also said to have got a digital haircut. The following gif should show the before-and-after transformation, the picture with the white background shows the apparently edited version:

President Trump posts altered photos to Facebook and Instagram that make him look thinner https://t.co/jAdbvsX2Utpic.twitter.com/9g9mqMJFE0

- Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) January 21, 2019

Next presidential election: will this woman run against Donald Trump?

5:33 p.m .:US Senator Kamala Harris is the fourth woman from the ranks of the opposition Democrats to apply for her party's candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. The 54-year-old belongs to the growing field of Democrats who want to challenge the Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the coming year. "I'm running for the presidency," Harris shared on Twitter on Monday. In a video she said on the grounds that the American values ​​of truth, justice, decency, equality, freedom and democracy were at stake.

Harris is the second black American in history to be elected to the US Senate. The former prosecutor has represented the state of California there since 2017. Harris chose Martin Luther King Day to announce her application. The US national holiday commemorates the black civil rights activist who was murdered in 1968.

Before Harris, several Democrats have already declared their candidacy, including three women: Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. The party's candidate is filtered out in a nationwide pre-election process. In the 2016 election, Democrat Hillary Clinton was outnumbered by Trump.

Donald and Melania Trump nominated for a film award - but they shouldn't be happy

3:27 p.m .:US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have a chance of winning the ridiculous film award "Golden Raspberry" this year. The two were nominated in the categories of worst leading actor and worst supporting actress in the film "Fahrenheit 11/9" in the 2016 presidential election. Filmmaker Michael Moore deals with the rise of Trump and the consequences of his election victory for the USA. Trump was also nominated for a "Razzie" for his appearance in the political documentary "Death of a Nation".

Trump received the ridicule trophy, which was launched as a counterpart to the glamorous Academy Awards, back in 1991 for his appearance in the film "Ghosts Can't Do It". The underground production is a bizarre mix of romance, crime, fantasy and comedy and it totally flopped. Trump was a real estate entrepreneur at the time and plays himself in the film.

Lawyer: Trump negotiated with Moscow about a high-rise project until shortly before the US election

7:05 a.m .: According to his lawyer, US President Donald Trump has dealt with a high-rise project in Moscow for far longer than previously admitted. Trump had talks about the project with his then lawyer Michael Cohen until October or November 2016, said Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Sunday on the US broadcaster NBC. There were not "many" talks, "but there were talks".

Giuliani's statement means that Trump dealt with the ultimately unrealized high-rise project until the presidential election in November 2016.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in December for, among other things, false testimony to Congress. Cohen had testified to the committees that the project for a high-rise tower with luxury apartments in Moscow had already been buried in January 2016, i.e. before the start of the Republican primaries.

Cohen later admitted false statements: Contrary to his original statements, the Trump Tower project is said to have been pursued until June 2016 - until a point in time when Trump was almost certain to be the Republican presidential candidate. Giuliani's statements on Sunday made it clear that the talks lasted even longer.

The chronology is highly sensitive in that it concerns whether Trump was still pursuing business interests in Russia at an advanced stage of his election campaign - which in turn could have influenced his political stance towards Moscow.

News from January 20: Donald Trump with an idiosyncratic tweet about the cold spell