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Rise to world class

The former Bombay is the economic metropolis of booming India. World famous also for "Bollywood", its huge film industry. 18 million people live in Mumbai.

Mumbai, port city and economic center of India (& copy NASA / JPL-Caltech)


Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is the economic metropolis of booming India: Similar to Shanghai for China, Mumbai is a symbol of the economic upswing for India. With over 18 million inhabitants, Mumbai is currently the fifth largest urban agglomeration in the world. But as early as 2015, the port city will have moved up to second place in the ranking of the most populous cities - with an expected 22 million inhabitants. Only Tokyo will then count more people.

Over 30 percent of Indian tax revenue is generated in the greater Mumbai area. But the megacity is not just the center of the economy, finance and trade: the world's largest film industry is at home here. "Bollywood" has not only conquered the Asian markets with its musicals and romances. It has long since become a dream factory for an audience of billions. At the same time, over 40 percent of the people in Mumbai live in slums. There is a dramatic shortage of housing for low-income households. The urban infrastructure has long since ceased to meet the needs of its millions of residents: This applies to the supply of drinking water, healthcare, public transport and much more.

Mumbai is now set to become world-class: Shanghai serves as a shining example for many in politics and business. In the coming years, 50 billion US dollars are to be invested in Mumbai's urban development. A lot of money should flow into the development of the urban economy. It remains to be seen whether this will also lead to the social integration of the poor.