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Duties and Taxes

I purchased my goods online

The prices advertised on websites outside of the EU often do not include Italian Duty. This can make products appear cheaper when compared to Italian prices. We therefore advise that buyers check for additional costs before purchasing.

The shipment is a gift

Shipments arriving in Italy bearing the words “personal gift”, may be imported free of Customs Duty and VAT provided that:

  • The sender and recipient are both private individuals
  • The shipments are not on a regular basis
  • Their value does not exceed € 45
  • No form of payment is involved
  • The goods are intended for the recipient's personal or family use

For additional information, please contact FedEx Customer Service on 199.151.119 (€ 0.10 / min, VAT included).

Important - Please note that items containing alcohol and tobacco will incur Excise Duty. Shipments containing food, medicines or cosmetics may need additional documentation and be subject to further checks which could result with additional charges (health checks, veterinary checks etc.).

My shipment contains used personal items

Personal items include any items intended for the recipient's personal or family use.
Used personal items can be imported free of Duty and VAT.
Here are a few examples where imports can be made Duty free:

  • Goods belonging to persons who transfer their residence from a non-EU to an EU country.
  • Goods imported on the occasion of a marriage.
  • Goods sent for study purposes

In all other cases, even if the goods are used and personal, the Customs Duties will be calculated as normal.