What are VOOQQ classifieds

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27 editors and volunteers, four media designers, four secretaries and four copywriters happily put together your daily newspaper and the digital local news for you every day. Whether investigative research, local appointments in politics, business, school or kindergarten, follow-up reports and services such as announcements of events - we offer all of this to you every day and for a long time in our daily newspapers.

In the free internet area you have free access to national news from the fields of politics, sport, economy and culture. We also deliver local short messages from Dithmarschen.

Anyone who also wants to find out more about their place or the district as a whole also has the digital opportunity to do so. But we offer this offer, which goes beyond the daily newspapers with additional pictures, videos or graphics and is constantly growing, not without consideration. We have created two new online positions within the editorial team - and our colleagues don't live by air alone.

In addition, we consider it justified and appropriate to bring our digital offers to the news market for a fee: firstly, you can obtain much of the information provided there exclusively from us; secondly, digital customers have a time advantage over the paying readers of our daily newspapers.

We believe our work is worth the price.

Good table organization ensures that information is processed smoothly in today's daily newspapers. Media designers, editors and internet specialists work together professionally.