What is the gyroscopic torque

Turning movements

A gyroscope is a top suspended between two bearings, which can be set in rapid rotation by means of a quickly unwound starter cord.

If you place the gyroscope vertically on a point or a string, it will fall over if it was not rotated, but it remains in a vertical position if it is in rapid rotation.

If the rapidly rotating gyroscope is not placed vertically but at an angle on a surface, the axis of rotation begins to describe the surface of a cone with its tip on the surface.

The reason for this movement can be explained by the weight. The weight causes a torque on the arrangement. This torque is a vector, the direction of which is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the gyroscope and perpendicular to the weight force. This torque causes an angular momentum which, in addition to the existing angular momentum of the rotating gyroscope, turns the axis of rotation in the direction of the torque.

Here is a very nice video about the gyroscope from ScienceOnline.