How does a bass booster work

Only free today: This professional app is still available free for a short time


In the Play Store you can currently get the premium app "Equalizer - Bass Booster - Volume Booster Pro" for free. We'll tell you why you should hit it right now, before the app costs money again.

  • You can temporarily download the Android app "Equalizer - Bass Booster - Volume Booster Pro" free of charge from the Play Store.
  • With the application you can adjust the sound and volume of music and videos on your mobile phone system-wide.
  • There are no advertising or in-app purchases, and it is not known how the program is offered for free.

Again and again you can get paid apps and mobile games temporarily for free in the Play Store. Often the free promotions are only valid for a short time. If you keep your eyes open, however, you can save money. Currently there is, among other things, the "Equalizer - Bass Booster - Volume Booster Pro" app free of charge.

At free of charge instead of 1.89 euros *

With the application you have the possibility to change the sound on your mobile phone system-wide, no matter which music or video player you use. The app offers a 7-band equalizer with ten presets. A volume and bass booster are also included.

That's why the download is worth it

The app is practical in many ways. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the sound of your headphones or your Bluetooth speaker and would like more mids, highs or bass. You may also use headphones that are simply too quiet on the cell phone because they are actually intended for the stereo system and have a higher resistance.

If you are not satisfied with the sound or the volume, you should take a look at "Equalizer - Bass Booster - Volume Booster Pro". The app is free of advertising and in-app purchases. It has already been downloaded over 10,000 times from the Play Store and has received many positive reviews.

Android apps currently available free of charge
Android apps currently available free of charge

It is not known how long the free promotion is valid. So if you are interested, you should grab it quickly. If you secure the app now for free, you can always download it for free, even if it is offered again for a fee. To use it, at least Android 4.2 must be installed on your mobile phone.

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