Christians should get involved in politics

Let Christians get involved in politics

Corrupt "dirty business"?

There are many pretexts that a Christian could still find not to be politically active in spite of everything. Some say: The Bible is not a political recipe book, that's why there is no Christian policy and we'd better hold back. Others believe that Christian politics is undemocratic and that is why there is no place for Christians in democracies. Or politics is simply viewed as “corrupt dirty business” and therefore left to others. You don't want to get your hands dirty.

Diakonia in Politics

The motivation of my political activity as well as of my whole life is to work in a diaconal way. In a sense, service should be the goal of every Christian. I relate diakonia to the socio-political area. In other words: I am keen to introduce Christian-oriented, ethical convictions into the public debate. Due to my character, I am particularly involved in questions of life ethics and family policy, but also in questions of social justice.

Voting is a must

Whether a Christian makes himself available for public office depends on “his calling” and his profession. Whether he is interested in political events and actively takes part in votes and elections in Switzerland is, in my opinion, a duty if he wants to assume his responsibility as a Christian.

Theological training as a good foundation

I consider a theological training to be an excellent basis for political work. In conversation with other politicians, I see that it can even be important and decisive - especially when it comes to ethical issues. For me personally, in connection with my beliefs, it is the origin and motivation of my political activity.

Marc Jost is married and has four children: Micha (2005), Noemi (2006), Salome (2009) and Timea (2011). He grew up in Spiez, where he also did his first training as a primary school teacher. He then worked as a teacher near Brienz and then studied theology in the Basel region. He has now lived in Thun with his family since 2003, where he worked as a pastor. Since 2012 he has been Secretary General of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance in the area of ​​society and national coordination.