How did you deal with mansplaining

Stop it! About mansplaining and other sexist annoyances

Sad but true: we women have gotten too used to certain things in everyday life and accept a lot without realizing how excessive, unnecessary and bold it actually is. Here are ten sexist things that happen to us all the time.

1. Role thinking: Typically girls

Why do dresses, toys, bicycles, exercise books and hair clips always shine in pink and pink when they are intended for girls? If, on the other hand, a little boy is delighted with the glittering, glowing toys, he immediately says: "This is not for boys!" Nowhere is cliché thinking so rigid as in what we buy our children from an early age. And shouldn't that shape your life? It would be nice!

2. Age differences

It is more than cheeky and always annoying how differently age is treated when it comes to men and women. Men get more interesting with age, it says. Women like to be exchanged for a younger one as soon as they can no longer walk through life without wrinkles.

And the bad thing: the younger woman goes along with it instead of showing the middle finger to the older guy. Apparently we women like to ignore supposed external flaws in a man (maybe because we appreciate the "inside"?), While the men still have not got out of the stage "everything has to be youthful and perfect".

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A fact that is constantly pressed on us women. In every anti-wrinkle advertisement in which a wrinkle-free 18-year-old smiles at us, in every TV magazine, from every poster. If an older woman is to be seen, it says: "Oh, how great that you also show older women" - which ultimately only proves that you have been completely pissed off by all the youth madness.

3. Sexism in the media

Whereby we would once again be with the media: Advertising is always sexist and discriminatory against women. It is not uncommon for very young (underage) girls to look at us half-naked and lasciviously from the advertising posters. If you pay attention to it, you will notice that a limit has long been crossed here that should not be okay for us women. It's just that you've gotten used to it too much. Why does a car sell better if there is a woman lying around in her underwear on the hood?

4. Mansplaining

Mansplaining is the name given to the phenomenon when men explain the world to women without being asked. The funny thing is that this happens again and again to women in management positions. Even if the man obviously has less of a clue. The woman is silent and is right to be annoyed that she is being treated like a stupid child again. If she defends herself against paternalism, she is considered bitchy and difficult.

5. The Rosenkavalier

The nice gentleman who opened the car door for us is certainly a polite person. Nevertheless, this gesture dates from the time when we women were considered the weaker sex. And no, that doesn't mean that emancipated women can't let the door hold open for them. But emancipated women also insist on being able to do the same for a man. If he too lets the door open for him, also lets himself be invited to dinner, etc., then the world is all right.

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6. The woman takes the child

She is going on parental leave. She takes care of the child. Even if the man is at home in the evening, it is usually the woman who takes the child from him as soon as it becomes difficult. "Let it go. I'll do it. It's much faster."

Of course, men cannot bear or breastfeed children. But they can do everything else very well. Unfortunately, many mothers do not trust them to do everything. Or they are not moving fast enough, after all they have more practice than men when they back off professionally to look after the child.

Whatever the reasons, in the end the woman is almost always the one who runs when the child needs something. Just like she is who renounces her career. Just like she is who then has to be asked what mothers actually do all day apart from drinking a latte in the playground.

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7. Differences in earnings between men and women

Speaking of jobs and careers: Everyone now knows that men get up to 21 percent more salary than women - and that for the same work and qualifications. That is and remains a blatant injustice and nobody changes anything.

8. Linguistic, old braids

Yes, it is more than annoying to always say "Dear Citizens". Somehow it doesn't feel any better as a woman because it looks so stilted. But unfortunately it is like this: Our language is extremely geared towards men. There are many nouns, titles and salutations that are only used in masculine. And that certainly has an impact on our society.

9. Sexual harassment

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality: in Germany around a third of women have experienced sexual violence one or more times. If you add sexual harassment, almost every woman can report from her own experience. That is a shockingly high number. Often something like this is dismissed with "Well, I've been grabbed on the bum several times". But it shouldn't. Because a woman's no is and remains a no.

10. The feeling of security

Which brings us to the point of security. Hardly any man has to think about when to go how and where at night, which areas to avoid and what better to wear in order to feel safer. Normality for women.

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