How feasible is this IB timetable

Schedule overcrowded, or normal?

Tine_89  📅 03.11.2009 20:09:15
Schedule overcrowded, or normal?
Good evening,
I am in this winter semester like so many freshmen and I still lack a bit of perspective.

I'm studying political science in the HF and public law in the NF at the University of Trier.
At the same time, I know people who study political science at other universities.

These often only have 2 or 3 lectures and otherwise tutorials or seminars on the same topic!

We Trier have to prove the following:
-Lectures; Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to Political Science, History of the 19th and 20th Century, The Political System of the FRG
and a seminar: Classics of Political Thought.
Logically all of that together!

Am I right when I say we're overloaded?
Or is it an advantage to have so many lectures?

It would be nice if someone could "advise" me.
Tine_89  📅 03.11.2009 20:10:50
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
We also have to do a preparatory course (is it how you write it? ^^) ..
So 6 different events!
Gabriele_Kaufrausch  📅 03.11.2009 21:30:25
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
The number of events is okay. It's stupid when you actually have to write so many lecture exams at the end of the semester and the exam dates follow one another too closely. I don't know how it is with you.
I'm trying. Keeping the number of term papers and exams roughly in balance only worked out after the first two semesters. Personally, I think lectures are crap anyway. It only gets exciting in the seminars. But that is different for everyone.

If you feel really overwhelmed, do not participate / register for one of the exams. But still sit in and take notes. You can manage your time better in later semesters and catch up a lot. Take a look at the exam that you kick out to see whether it serves as an entry requirement for subsequent seminars.

Hope I could help. For Trier-specific information you have to ask others (maybe the tutors? Or students in higher semesters who you get to know ???). LG
Anonymous participant  📅 04.11.2009 11:17:47
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
Six events are too many for you? There are people who have to visit 12 or more ....
Spyce  📅 04.11.2009 13:51:40
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
I'm definitely not overloaded, rather the opposite ...

Study PoWi in Kassel with NF Psychology ...

1x lecture "What is PoWi?"
1x seminar "Introduction to scientific work using an example, blabla"
There is also a tutorial for each

Then I have an English course, which is twice as long as a lecture or the like

I only have one lecture in psychology ...

English is a key competence, with this course I already have half of the CP that I have to do in this area (in the third semester that would even be omitted)

Otherwise it will be more in the next semesters, I already know that.
Is also necessary, currently have 2 days off a week, weekend anyway (on the weekend I don't do anything for my studies ...)
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
also study at the university and wanted to give you a detailed overview and general information about the lectures and seminars that you have listed.
In principle, 6 courses of 2 SWS each in one major are completely adequate,
however, not all lectures or the seminar can be completed with an exam in the first semester.
For example, the lecture "History of the 19th and 20th Centuries" and the seminar "Classics of Political Thought" cannot be completed with an exam in the first semester.
In addition, the lectures "Introduction to Political Science" + "Introduction to the System of the Federal Republic of Germany" together form a written exam, so there are effectively 2 exams & in my case an essay of over 1100 pages in the seminar.
In my opinion it is actually relatively feasible if the reading in IB wasn't so exorbitant ..
Lexington  📅 06.11.2009 12:58:06
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
I don't really like that either, I study something different myself, but I have 12 different events. To be honest, I don't understand how you can be overloaded with 6 events.
lona  📅 06.11.2009 23:53:45
Re: schedule crowded, or normal?
think that it is individually different what overloads you. in addition, the study conditions are different everywhere. as well as the requirements of every lecturer. Finally, there are also the exams. some people write 60-minute exams, others 120 minutes. and the requested content as well.
I like Gabriele's tip. just ask the tutors or older semester students. they've already been through the same thing. the first semester exams are always structured in the same or similar manner. also asks about older exams from previous semesters. you can see how the questions are and, above all, what you need to know.

In addition, the turors are there to prepare / follow up on the most important topics. they usually run parallel.

I hope this helps you further.

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