Why is the IRS so strict


Workshops are important for the mobility of families and workers and will remain open during the Corona crisis. This also applies to the operations of the IRS group. Our SmartRepair and repair service is available to you at all locations.

More service for your security

We have expanded our customer service so that you can feel safe when you have a vehicle repaired by us.

  • Our free pick-up and delivery service is hygienically trained and brings your vehicle back to you cleaned.
  • If you return the car to us yourself, we are on one contactless handover prepared.
  • In our factories we strictly adhere to the contact and hygiene requirements and use shift systems to reduce the number of people present in order to further reduce the risk of infection.
  • We will provide you with one for the time of the repair free replacement car to disposal. So you are mobile during the entire repair period. So that you and your family can get on without worry, our rental cars Thoroughly cleaned at every handover.
  • The The supply of spare parts has largely been secured so far. You benefit from our Germany-wide network of workshops, which support each other in the event of supply bottlenecks.
  • From April 1st Until June 30th, 2020 private customers receive uninsured damage to their private vehicle10% discount on repairs.