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The Swiss engineering master's degree


The MSE in Business Engineering qualifies you to use engineering and design-centered approaches to the development, implementation and provision of products and services. You will be able to develop business models and plan, analyze and control the industrial and service systems involved. You can take into account the relevant technological and business restrictions and opportunities and consider issues from a risk, quality and life cycle perspective.

Entry qualifications and admission procedure

Specific skills are required to register for this profile. Students with an above-average degree in one of the following bachelor's degree programs usually meet these entry requirements.

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering
  • BSc in Business Engineering
  • or equivalent BSc

The assessment of the entry-level qualifications is part of the enrollment process at the respective school. Students who do not have any of the above-mentioned bachelor's degrees will be checked individually for their suitability by the respective university of applied sciences.

Recommended theory modules

The theory modules comprise 30 out of 90 ECTS. The modules are taught by professors from all over Switzerland at different locations. You will complete these modules together with other MSE students. Here you will find the recommended theory modules for the MSE profile Business Engineering (BE).

Differentiation to the Bachelor of Science

With the MSE in Business Engineering, compared to your entry-level qualifications and skills, you primarily acquire additional skills in the application of scientific concepts, methods and tools. While the BSc programs tend to focus on competencies required to work at the operational level, the MSE degree also provides competencies required to work at more strategic levels.

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