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English in training

Most notably, thanks to its lack of geographical features, English is the official language in many countries around the world. We can say the common language of the whole world. Turkey is one of the countries with the most students abroad. At the university level, thousands of students go abroad with Erasmus, Masters and PhD programs. This situation leads to the need to know the language in the academic field. We should note that the academic life of those who speak English is more successful.

English isn't the only language used in no-swallow programs. Today, a certain number of universities offer education in English. English is widely spoken, especially in departments such as engineering and science. In the future, every person who is trained in Turkey must know English as a mother tongue.

English is at least as important in an academic career as it is in an industry. Language proficiency exams are also among the exams taken to become a lecturer to get a thesis. Exams like YDS ask the person to prove their proficiency in English, so it should be noted that without knowledge of the language it won't be easy to be successful here.

English in tourism

English is an important language needed in tourism. If we look at the potential, we can see that English is necessary and valid everywhere. English is used as a global language in countries that receive tourists from many foreign countries also the most important foreign language in our country.

English in industry

To apply to international educational institutions, you need to prove your English proficiency with the exams that are valid in the international community.

Although English is an international language, it is valid worldwide. This situation made it important to know English, especially in foreign trade companies. Companies in many countries are required to speak English in all positions. Knowing English strengthens your profile in your business life and enables you to work more effectively on international platforms. In addition, the world's largest corporations are located in the financial centers of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.