What is a differential pressure transducer

Pressure converter and turbocharger for more power and driving pleasure

A pressure transducer is an important accessory when tuning and contributes to increasing the performance of vehicles. A full acceleration and higher speeds increase driving pleasure and can be achieved by tuning measures in most cars.

However, pressure converters also fulfill the function of reducing vehicle emissions and thus actively contributing to the protection of the environment. Exhaust gases are only partially released into the air and another part is returned to the combustion chamber.

How do pressure transducers protect the environment?

A pressure transducer is part of the modern system that car manufacturers use to reduce emissions. To do this, the element feeds some of the exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber, where they are mixed with air and then fed into the engine. Here you contribute to an increase in the performance of the car. However, the recirculated exhaust gases also result in lower emissions of exhaust gases into the environment.

The impact on the environment is therefore reduced. For this complex process, the pressure and negative pressure are measured and then the EGR valve is opened to feed exhaust gases into the system. When the maximum value is reached, the EGR valve closes. For this purpose, it is closely linked to the engine control.

In the area of ​​pressure transducers, a distinction is made between three different models:

  • Mechanical models
  • electric models
  • electro-pneumatic models

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Why are pressure converters useful when tuning?

If you want to increase the performance of your vehicle and are concerned with tuning measures, the pressure converter also plays an important role. It regulates the pressure generated by the turbocharger and ensures that the pressure does not become too high. If this is the case, the exhaust gases are directed past the turbocharger and the pressure remains at a value that does not damage the turbocharger or engine. If such a pressure transducer were not used, damage to the engine could occur in the long term due to overpressure, which in the worst case could lead to total damage to the vehicle.

How the pressure transducer works

By using a turbocharger, more air is made available to the engine for combustion, which results in more power from the engine. This complex circuit creates pressure, which is desirable up to a certain value, but should not exceed it. The pressure transducer is used to have sufficient control over the boost pressure. It is connected to the engine control and becomes active when the pressure exceeds a maximum value.

From this point on, the exhaust gas is no longer fed into the turbocharger circuit, but released through an open valve in order to reduce the pressure again. This video clearly explains how a turbocharger circuit works and makes it clear which functions the individual elements have.

If you are interested in pressure transducers to improve the performance of your vehicle, you will come across two different names. (# 01)

Different types of pressure transducers

If you are interested in pressure transducers to increase the performance of your vehicle, you will come across two different names:

  • The exhaust control pressure transducer
  • the turbocharger pressure converter

An exhaust control pressure transducer creates a control vacuum. This is required for the stepless opening of an EGR valve. It is generated by a mixture of atmospheric pressure and negative pressure. The engine control unit is responsible for this. After installing an exhaust gas control pressure converter, it is important to check the hoses and connections between the hoses for leaks. The exhaust gas control pressure converter can only work to its full extent if this is flawlessly given. If the exhaust gas control pressure converter is not working correctly, an error message will usually appear.

Likewise, a drop in power, the jerking of the engine when driving, smoke and the emergency running indicate a fault in the exhaust gas control pressure converter. If you suspect that there is a malfunction, it should be checked. An electrical test device can be used for this or a vacuum pump can be connected. The classic causes of a defect are dirt in the system or water that has entered. In both cases, quick action is required in order to eliminate the damage to the system as quickly as possible and to prevent consequential damage.

You can also get the turbocharger pressure converter for installation in vehicles from specialist dealers. Its task is to control the boost pressure valve, which is also known as the wastegate. The boost pressure control valve is installed upstream of the turbocharger. If the boost pressure rises above a maximum value, the valve opens and the exhaust gases are bypassed. Without the turbocharger pressure converter, the boost pressure will rise too much at high engine speeds and potentially damage the engine and turbocharger.

You can recognize a possible defect in the turbocharger pressure converter when the engine switches to the emergency program and an error message is passed on to the on-board computer. The main causes of such a defect are contamination. In addition, corrosion on the electronics can be just as causal as a defect in the air hoses. In all cases, you should act quickly yourself or visit a specialist workshop in order to avoid further damage to the vehicle and to restore the usual performance.

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Turbochargers and pressure converters can be used for these vehicles

Tuning by means of a turbocharger is possible in almost every car and in most cases leads to better acceleration. Even a small car can get you going through tuning and then enjoy more driving fun through better acceleration. You can of course achieve an even greater effect with vehicles that already have a powerful engine. There are hardly any limits to tuning with turbochargers and pressure converters with regard to modern vehicles.

If you are unsure whether tuning will push your car to more power, you can get an assessment from tuning experts in a specialist workshop. They are also familiar with different models and will tell you what changes the tuning of your vehicle will bring with it. These experts can also give you tips on which tuning measures make sense for your vehicle and which conversions you can do without.

By the way, the possibilities of tuning do not end with cars. Delivery vans, vans, tractors and mobile homes can also be made more powerful through the conversion. This also applies to one type of boat. In addition to the increase in performance, the effect of lower emissions occurs in all of the vehicles mentioned.

Enthusiastic tuning fans are usually happy to do the conversions on their vehicle themselves. However, those who have never worked on their car are probably wondering whether such a complex installation is successful or whether it should be left to the professionals. (# 02)

Tuning by a professional or in your own garage

Enthusiastic tuning fans are usually happy to do the conversions on their vehicle themselves. However, those who have never done any work on their car are probably wondering whether such a complex installation is successful or whether it should be left to the professionals. Experienced screwdrivers can usually install the pressure transducer on their vehicle themselves using the manufacturer's instructions provided. The required tool is probably already available from other tuning work.

If that's not the case, a rental workshop can come in handy. Here you rent a workplace in a professional car workshop for a fixed period and can also use tools on site. Another advantage of this is that other tuning fans are sure to be happy to help with questions and difficulties and the installation of the pressure transducer becomes a collaborative effort. Rental workshops are located in all major cities. People without any experience in installing or replacing components in their vehicle should leave this work to an experienced expert. Although this causes costs, it ensures fault-free installation.

If you want to do the tuning on your own, you need the appropriate parts for your vehicle. You can order pressure transducers online at a particularly affordable price. Here you can find the right model for your car and get it sent directly to your home after a short shipping time. Installation can then begin immediately. Alternatively, there are specialist tuning accessories retailers in larger cities who can also order pressure transducers and other tuning parts suitable for various vehicle types. If you leave the installation to a professional, he will take care of the procurement of the required parts.

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