What will future cinemas look like?

Munich 2017

Berlin 2016
Susanne Marian, Erwin M. Schmidt
Workshop on the development of cinema types of the future

Basel 2015
Future cinema
Can the cinema (the movie theater) find content that makes the cinema necessary?
Which concepts are conceivable? Which room concepts meet the challenges
to which the movie theater will have to adjust in the future?
With subsequent discussion

Frankfurt 2015
Themed weekend at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt
Moderation: Daniela Kloock

The program accompanying the special exhibition FILMTHEATER is dedicated to the future of cinema. Where will we see movies? How does cinema continue to find - and keep - its audience?
Possible future cinema locations, the role of the cinema as a space for shared film experience, the increasing availability of films on the Internet and the effects of digitization on the survival of film heritage and film art are up for debate. Among other things, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, co-director of the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin, and Natalie Gravenor, co-partner of EYZ Media and the arthouse-on-demand platform realeyz, will discuss.

Munich 2015
What does art want from the cinema?
And what does cinema give art?

The second edition of KINO DER KUNST, a worldwide unique event for films by visual artists, aims to think further about cinema and explore new forms of fictional narration.

Basel 2015
Instead of utopia - possibilities of the future
The cinema of the future - urban catalyst or obsolete model?

It is not only the picture (s) worlds that have become mobile that represent the cinema, as in earlier ones
Times so beautiful meant great challenges. How can cinema reposition itself
gain in attraction and importance or even take on completely different forms?

Cologne 2014
Congress Vision Kino
Film - competence - education
Perspectives in film education
Keynote speech Daniela Kloock, media scientist
Sebastian Büttner
, Managing Director of the Gesamtkunstwerk agency
Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Hugger, Professor of Media Education and Media Didactics at the University of Cologne
Dr. Daniela Kloock, Media scientist
Katja von Garnier, Director
Moderation: Andreas stop, Deutschlandfunk

Munich 2013
Museums - the cinemas of the future?
with: Lars Henrik Gass, Alexander Horwath, Walter Grasskamp and Dominik Graf
What does contemporary art want from cinema, and what does cinema expect from art?
Why is Hollywood exhausting itself in series and the auteur film mutating into mainstream,
while the films of contemporary visual artists take galleries and museums by storm?

Paris 2013
Future cinema
Congress report Daniela Kloock

Baden-Baden 2012
A feat of digitization - what comes next?

Dr. Daniela Kloock (media scientist Akademie der Künste), text of the lecture
Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber (Prof. at the Solvay Business School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Panel participants:
Dr. Daniela Kloock, Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber, Meinolf Thies (Consulthies GmbH),
Torsten Koch (Constantin Film Verleih GmbH)
Moderation: Dr. Andreas Kramer (HDF Kino e.V.)

Meinolf Thies (Consulthies GmbH), Thorsten Koch (Constantin Film Verleih),
Dr. Daniela Kloock, Prof. Christian Blümelhuber, Dr. Andreas Kramer (Board Member HDF KIno e.V.)

Symposium Berlin, 2012
Cinema of the future
Illuminated are social, economic and
architectural aspects of the “cinema next door”.

Media Congress - MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN 2011
Films you can touch - can 3D save the cinema?

Keynote: Daniela Kloock,
Media scientist, Berlin
Panel discussion:
Dr. Kay Hoffmann, House of Documentary Films, Stuttgart
Jan Bernotat, 3D expert, director, Berlin
Dr. Daniela Kloock, media scientist, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Claudia Wegener, Professor of Media Studies, HFF Potsdam

Berlin 2011
The changing cinema: the festivals
Lecture by OLIVIER PÈRE, moderation: Christoph Hochhäusler, Nicolas Wackerbarth

IfS - International Film School Cologne 2011
Seeing as a cultural fact
Lecture by Daniela Kloock

Frankfurt 2010
eDIT 13th Film Maker's Festival
Cultural turn to 3D? Developments, prospects, forecasts
with Georg Seeßlen (film scholar and journalist), Wolfgang Kirchner (dramaturge and screenwriter),
Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth (International Film School Cologne)
Moderation: Dr. Daniela Kloock (cultural and media scholar)

The text by Daniela Kloock The borderless image. Why 3D won't save cinema

Berlinale 2010 - New National Gallery
The cinema of the future
Architects, urbanists, sociologists and filmmakers are asked the following questions: What should cinema in cities look like in the future? How can the cinema enliven inner-city communication and contribute to economic attractiveness? What will medialized rooms look like in the future? Which architecture promotes culture, communication and entertainment in urban space?

Academy of Arts, Berlin 2009
Future cinema (II) - digital cinematographies,
Conception and co-organization of the two-day event: Daniela Kloock
The cinema is currently undergoing major changes as a result of digitization. New audience needs but also the dissolution of established art genres lead to a restructuring of cinema and film culture. International guests, filmmakers and art and cultural scholars are invited to take their positions and talk to the audience.

Frankfurt 2009
eDIT 12th Film Maker's Festival
Lecture by Daniela Kloock
Between reinvention and reconsideration.
On the future of cinema and cinema
Program (PDF)

Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin 2009
NMI 2009: "Media, Computer, Content 2.0"
New media and technologies in the information society
The unbounded image - why 3D will not save the cinema
Lecture by Daniela Kloock
(Program flyer)

Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2009
Lectures, talks, presentations & films on the digital image
From the photographic to the graphic - the aesthetics of digital film images
Lecture by Daniela Kloock
Program (PDF 60kb)

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris 2008
Festival Européen Des 4 Ecrans
Le cinéma numérique comme experience pour l’avenir?
Lecture by Daniela Kloock

Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin 2008
"Film, computer and television in the name of content 2.0"
NMI 2008 New Media and Technologies in the Information Society
Digital cinema as an experience model of the future - hot or cold?
In the cinema with Marshall McLuhan ...
Lecture by Dr. Daniela Kloock
Conference flyer

University of Bremen 2008
Research Colloquium on Media Culture
The End of the Reel World - Effects of digital images
Lecture by Daniela Kloock

Academy of Arts, Berlin 2008
Zukunft Kino (I) - The End of the Reel World
Conception and co-organization of the event: Daniela Kloock

Program download (PDF 64 kb)

Berlin 2008
Directors Lounge - contemporary media and art
Fantasies of the past future - thoughts on cinema
Lecture by Daniela Kloock