Building a fence improves the property's value

How the “new garden fence” project will be a success

Considerations in advance

The garden fence is a special type of enclosure. In order to develop an idea of ​​the design, it is interesting to pay attention to the meaning of the word "enclosure". What can it be used for? It can prevent humans and animals from entering the property uninvited. It can maintain privacy and, last but not least, protect against wind and even noise.

According to the literal sense of the word, it can maintain domestic "peace" for owners and residents. A nice idea. It can be all the more joyful to find a garden fence that suits your house and property and gives it a face. Whether the choice falls on a purely functional property delimitation, a privacy screen or the hand-made designer variant, they are all subject to regulations.

Legal basis

In Germany, the legal regulations for the construction of fences can be found in the civil code. In addition, the neighboring law applies and, with a few exceptions, this is a matter for the federal states. In addition, the design can be regulated by development plans and enclosure statutes of the respective city or municipality. In order to get planning security, these questions should be clarified with the local authorities before the start of construction. Because many a variant requires an application and approval from the building authority.

The term “local custom” also plays a role. This ensures that, despite individual tastes, a certain degree of uniformity is maintained in a contiguous residential area. Regional customs and Real estate pricesalso play a role here.

Obtaining relevant information in advance saves problems. Nobody wants to cause disputes with their neighbors or even legal disputes and a dismantling, as well as the associated costs. A building owner can assume that each country has its own legal regulations regarding border development. This also applies to other European countries or overseas. The trick now is to comply with this with as much creativity and your own ideas as possible, but still in compliance with the law.

the external appearance

The look is determined by personal taste and the desired function. A garden fence should create a harmonious connection with the style of the house. That can mean that a house that was built older goes well with a more traditional fence concept. For the modern designer house, however, it can be appropriate that the fence is rather restrained in character in order to give way to the special look of the house.

Basically, something timelessly beautiful is recommended, because you get tired of too much extravagance faster. Even if the plan is there, one I.real estate for sale, this is a factor to consider.

Strict or natural?

A distinction is made between dead and living matter for fencing. Hedges are living enclosures and a popular privacy screen at a sufficient height from around 1.70 m. Another example is the wooden picket fence. It is light and continuous, plants can conquer it and the animal world finds a habitat. The classic element of the wooden strips can also be found in modern designs and can create a successful combination of tradition and modernity. For urban gardening, which is becoming more and more popular, a closed fence is more suitable, which does not allow hungry rodents access.

Material and costs

The costs are primarily determined by the length of the fence and the material used. The inexpensive variants include wire fences, followed immediately by wooden garden fences. The ongoing costs for maintenance should be considered, because wood is not weather-resistant. The palette ranges from prefabricated fence elements from the hardware store to custom-made products made from regional, sustainable woods.

Coated or galvanized metal fences are significantly more expensive, but they are permanently weatherproof. Prices including installation can vary from twenty to fifty to several thousand euros per meter.