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Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung Stadtzeitung - Volume 2020 Issue of January 1, 2021 Corona vaccination started in Karlsruhe: Pecking has been going on since SundayIT-Trans: Global ForumAVG: Rail jobs for refugeesMajolika: Solution for manufacture? Test with passengers: Anna drives automaticallyZKM opens doors digitallyCity gallery: a stroke of luck for the gallery Urban history: living Christian valuesMunicipal council: reducing the risk of complaintsMunicipal council: hobby pilots on holdMunicipal council: old debate about bypassMunicipal council: new zones for residents' parking also online Frank Mentrup Corona: Vaccination center soon in operation Markus Lüpertz: Premiere in the underground gallery Markets, garbage disposal and administration: Date changes on the Christmas holidays Collection points: Where to dispose of trees? School advisory board: Digitization remains the main themeChildren and youth library: How do data glasses work? Municipal gallery: Manager retiresInclusion price : Community livingSocial and youth authorities: Early prevention remains achievablePeople's apartment: Land for residential projectsCycle traffic: 300 bikes left for kvv.nextbikeStaff fruit: a hundred trees plantedSenior retirement home: For a special kind of Christmas magicCity burial: A sign of gratitudeCivic associations: Light of hope in difficult timesCommunity council: Responsibility in difficult times Show extended until FebruaryLandesarchiv now carefully renewedCombined solution: Almost a year to completionCombined solution: Granite for marketplace stairsForestry office: Order firewood from the forestCommunity transport during the holidaysA Work for the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of December 18, 2020 The election of the mayor in Karlsruhe brings a clear result: Mentrup goes into the second term of office Election of the mayor in Karlsruhe: From trend and differences Election of the mayor in Karlsruhe: Election evening with distance and mask.Election of the mayor in Karlsruhe: Little buyer thanks hard-working helpers Corona: A vaccination center should be ready Thanks in Corona timesCorona: Karlsruhe also helps the associationsDrais schools: Lighthouse of educationChildren and youth library: Bringing robots to paintingClimate protection: PAMINA Climate ChallengeFoot traffic: Chocolate for CO2 saversKarlsruhe.December 2020Selection of mayor on November 6th, 2020Corona mayor election in Karlsruhe on November 6th, 2020Corona : Support from the first day Showman: Replacement in the Corona winter Letter election office: More space for more work Baden State Theater: Dissolve contract with Spuhler Remembrance: Walk commemorates victims of transphobic violence Städtis ches Klinikum: The workload is high Working atmosphere: Basis for good performance Regulatory and Citizens' Office: Farewell to Dr. Björn White Youth Welfare Committee: Weighing up the Feasible Exhibition: Platypus in GrötzingenSexualized violence: Workshop by “No Abuse” Construction work: diversions at the Albwinkel cycle path Sculpture: “Heart mark” in GrötzingenWildpark Stadium: The last stand fallsInternationalization: Open-minded, sustainable, innovativeMunicipal council: No course change Are more information necessary? City council: In comparison cheap City council: Decisions on traffic postponed City council: For refugees job prospects City council: Right at the wrong time City council: City takes care of graves Planning competition: Only one campus location Test drive in the tunnel: "Really very nice down there" Artists fair : Applications now possibleCulture: City's cultural grant awarded AK Grötzinger Baggersee meets waste management: Mobile pollutants on tour againMesse: IT-Trans only digital TRK: State funding for TRK Welcome CenterG20 Global Smart Cities Alliance: Karlsruhe is a pioneer tadtRathaus: Glockenspiel comes home Combined solution: excavation and road construction below Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup: Honored for peace workVolkstrauertag: Commemoration of victims of war and violence One for all: KVV app "regiomove" Birthday: 100 years and still very healthyDonation: Stober Foundation supports older work at the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of November 13, 2020 The city's financial development Karlsruhe: The traffic light is dark red Corona: Together against the curfewSmart City Index: Pretty smartOB-election: Six names on the ballotBOB-election: The postal voting office opens on MondayWinter service: The salt stores are fullMesse: New dates in the coming yearConstruction work: S5 and S31 / 32 Changed Book show: Readings in the livestream City library: New media pick-up service Main committee: Offerta cancellation was necessary Indoor meeting: Back in the Europahalle Wreath-laying ceremony: Silent commemoration of the night of the pogromFast night kick-off: City hall key cleverly obtainedSenior's office: Online tips for active senior citizens of the B10 tunnelMemorials on memorial dayWork at the city of KarlsruheApplicationsIssue of the 6th: Increase taxes instead of lowering expensesCDU: Sustainable priorities for location in viewSPD: Saving at any price is not a solution FDP: Purposefully shaping fate AfD: Solving the most pressing communal problemsFW / FÜR: Boomtown goodbye: Courage to change plans Working at the City of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of October 16, 2020Marketplace: Heart returns to the originMeneral Committee: Implement the security conceptSmart City Index 2020: Smartest administrationVolunteer fair: Voluntary work with a differenceWorld Day of Mental Health: Depression in focus : Sparkassenstiftung helps helpers for youth work New housing projects: OB met with initiatives # digiTALK: Sustainable action in the digital farewell: Thanks in a small group AFA calendar: Superman and musketeers Building committee: Works were awarded City museum: School in the museum administration Exchange of ideas: Visit from Strasbourg to the old slaughterhouse Weiherwald school: Fit for the futurePublic transport: Other routes for railwaysFauna: City on the right pathNatural history museum: Of coffee and mushrooms Culture: Theater starts painting competitionCulture: EuroArt met in GrötzingenHistory: Chronicle board tells the history of the Bulach cemetery and: Anti-segregation conference ExclusionEnvironment Committee: Stadt.Wiesen.MenschCombined solution: Lid construction goes aheadHistorical museums: guided tour and lectureCulture breakfast in the Café GrundrechteFound pieces are looking for ownersTechnologyRegion: Finalists for NEO have been chosenVisit: whether witnessing the deportationTwo-wheeled mood barometer: City supports ADFC-Bicycle-Climate-Test 2020Pfinze "Regner-Stiftung: Help for the culture main committee: Donations should support the work Passenger councils:" Increase the attractiveness of local public transport "" Independent Days ": New start for the festival Voices from the municipal council: GRÜNE: What will happen next with the Stadtfina Voices from the local council: CDU: Set priorities, avoid tax increases Voices from the local council: SPD: Climate protection across the city Voices from the local council: KAL / The PARTY: Monument protection in Karlsruhe - sometimes hops, sometimes great Voices from the local council: FDP: Karlsruhe stands for global Sustainability and for climate protection …… Voices from the local council: AfD: Städtischer Budget 2021Votes from the local council: DIE LINKE: Because applause alone is not enough. Voices from the local council: FW / FOR: Gaining trust - show courage! October 9, 2020 Corona pandemic: Situation of Karlsruhe's cultural and creative industries Nature conservation: City dedicates itself to wood and waterPublic transport: Masks as "A and O" Marketplace: Radiance and many offers under the applicable Corona rules Leaf and garden waste: Where the city picks up leaf sacks and whenInnovationFestival : Dolphin attacks, field robots and green city logistics schaftIT location: 1 & 1 building creates work space for 1,800 peopleDistrict development: Online conference on play areasSocial: What is your feeling? October 2020Forum right: City council ends discussion about the location of the war road tunnel: Karoline Luise is the namesakeCombined solution: Again open U construction site dayException: Due to Corona Castle light games: the near future securedMess': Autumn festival as a mini-exhibition kick-off for citizen participation for inner city concept: Quality of life in focusCircle craftsmen: New app for the craft.ROADSHOW3. October: Markets are canceled Waste management: Pollution mobile stops in districts Environment statutes: Protection of the southern part of the city still undecided Tree felling: City secures paths in the Hardtwald Cyclists' breakfast: Breakfast valued as a gesture Country model solution: Adapt cycle roads Organic waste: Good for the binKarlsruhe Integration Prize awarded for special commitment: Role models of the city society! Stadtwald: Certified forest recreationLiteraturtage: Forum for local creativityPOLKSWOHNUNG: Creative for more living spaceHousehold speech OB: Preserve quality of life and rethink designHousehold speech by Mayor Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz: Intergenerational equity requires prioritizationSybelcentrum: “The future is being built here on benefit.” Pop-up cycle paths: “The future is being built here” EFFECTS: This is how important water is Online lecture: Lecture on old-age depression City-East: Focus on microclimate circles: Delay in retractable bollards Karlsruhe cultural ring: Good conclusion on "Toujour's culture!" ) Day: Active for sustainabilityCircle: Intelligent traffic systemCity planning: Impulses for the cityWarning day: Successful siren test Fair weeks: Starting shot for the twelfth Fair WeeksKarlsruher Forum: How to spin straw into gold? September 2020City festivals t: Karlsruhe's heart beats despite CoronaVBK: renovations and rail network connectionRenovations: schools modernizedFair trade: Ten years of Fairtrade-StadtGartenbauamt: New strong treesCombined solution: Lord Mayor on tunnel test driveHotline: Corona information on tests and trade fairsEuropahalle: Three million subsidy from Berlin? Community council: also expand cooperationMemorial council: Priority for the common goodMemorial council: Next level for the sale of landMunicipal council: Future of parking garagesMunicipal council: Round table on obstetricsMunicipal council: Adjust emptying to needsMemorial council: KVV.nextbike arrives for a meeting point Congratulations: Family man and Rummy fan Volunteer work: Citizen mentors for online media TendersWorking at the City of KarlsruheAugust 7th, 2020 Cycle expressway: Ride quickly on a wide wheel axisCombined solution: Erstma Combined solution: Road construction already in the car tunnelMunicipal council: For better facilitiesMunicipal council: New plan for line networkMunicipal council: City wants to build more on woodMunicipal council: Questions and answersMunicipal council: Market square remains free of BöllernMunicipal council: Dark glass for shading City council: Concept for city council LogisticsMemorial council: Request for a meeting point for Bulach and BeiertheimMemorial council: Committee advises furtherMunicipal council: Kick under floodlightsDinner collectors: Backbone for wastewater “Relax!” Started: Enjoy the summerSummer holidays: During holidays “Circus PLUS” Summer holidays: pyramid and pirate treasures ModusCorona: “Stop domestic violence” Carl-Engler-Schule: Still places availableCity partnerships: On digital stage offera: New start for offertaAnniversary: ​​Remember the victimsDanger of forest fires: Barbecuing in the forest prohibitedFire brigade: New fire enginesRedevelopment area: Conversion in Au e startedWettersbach: "That will be beautiful living" Smart Cities Funding: Karlsruhe Model City? Animal Welfare Prize: Proposals for the Animal Welfare PrizeVeterinary: Be careful when buying puppiesZoological city garden: Edeka donationSchool competition: Creative for EuropeCulture: Schorsch goes swimming -SchauKultur: Karlsruhe in the Weimar Republic Staufer Medal: “Support of Society” City Archives: Early liberalism later got cracks Voices from the local council: GREEN: Focus on the importance of daycare centers due to the crisis Voices from the local council: CDU: More criticism, Lord Mayor! Voices from the local council: SPD: “No child should be lost!” Voices from the local council: KAL / Die PARTTEI: (Alcohol) bans effective? Voices from the local council: FDP: Conversion of parking garages Voices from the local council: AfD: The war against the car Voices from the local council: DIE LINKE: State theater needs reorganization Voices from the local council: FW / FOR: Majolika: Too little to live, to die too much! Work at the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of July 31, 2020 City council: Crisis of majolica continues on Marktplatz: Grand Duke is back Tram line 6: More trips to Rappenwört Culture promotion: Support for cultural workers City partnerships: Exchange with partner Krasnodar "Your direct line to the mayor": Double premiere at the VOLKSWOHNUNG: Guarantee for affordable living space EFFECTS: Ozone hole and shoppingConstruction work: VBK build stops aroundOpen gate: Explore blooming gardensEnvironment and health committee: City trees and climateIKEA: Public development is ready in the autumn beforeMemorial council: How to create affordable housing? Municipal council: City coalition for digital policyMunicipal council: Relief milestone setMunicipal council: No individual funding he branchesMemorial council: fun and learning during the holiday seasonMunicipal council: promenade free of parking spaces Appeal from Mayor Mentrup and District Administrator Schnaudigel: Mindful and responsible Culture: Urban art formats in the SybelcentrumCulture: All sorts of stimulating culture: Cultural breakfast again in autumn Labor market: Project ideas for ESF sports funding pot SchoolsCity Youth Committee: RELAX Natural History Museum starts on Monday: Mushroom advice from AugustDurlach cemetery: New forest graveyardCombined solution: State-of-the-art electronics are arriving “: The cultural scene sets a vital sign. New football arena in the wildlife park: construction of the south stand can begin.“ Oberer Säuterich ”development plan: digital information and dialogue with urban planners“ TogetherRun ”: Duo run finds wide acceptance sonanz planning committee: Thinking ahead in peace Technology region: Landau is now a member of the TRKDu for Durlach: City office helps Statistics: Every second employee commutes Market research: Survey on markets on the marketplace Waste management: Mobile pollutants in four districts Combined solution: Expansion at the same speed as beforeVotes from the municipal council: GREEN: The traffic turnaround Voices from the local council: CDU: Groundbreaking development towards the Hagsfeld bypass and the second Rhine bridge Voices from the local council: SPD: Indispensable: Disabled Advisory Council and Commissioner for the Disabled Voices from the local council: KAL / The PARTY: How much gray energy is in the district office? Voices from the local council: FDP: Attractive line network? Voices from the local council: AfD: North connection of the Rhine bridge to B36 is coming! Voices from the local council: DIE LINKE: Against racism and discrimination Voices from the local council: FW / FOR: Internal renovation in the state theater must start nowWork at the city Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of the 10th Ernst Otto Bräunche in retirementCity history: Liberal and emancipated Building committee: Meeting on building work at schools Housing workshop: Thinking about housing models Waste management: Recycling station Daxlanden closed Waste management: Hazardous substances mobile in four districtsDurlach: Yes-word in the citizen's hall Fairtrade city: Enjoying fair trade and shopping in the city Karlsruhe Tenders Issue from 26.June 2020 Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt: Citizens' service again nationwideCycle traffic: Cyclists to workPlanning committee: Bicycle city on courseCity Museum: Guided tours to Weimar in KarlsruhePfinzgau Museum: Literature clips continueEttlinger Tor: Final project workshopChildren's office: Corona viewpointSenior's office: "On Air" -OfferReinerbrücke-port should link offers of mobilityOpen gate: Enjoy green splendorCorona: Red alert at organizers "Supportyourlocals": K³ bundles stakeholdersWaste management: Incorrect throw-outs reducedMain cemetery: A near-natural burial groundCity clinic: Racing car adorns the neurosurgeryBeneficacy bike tour: For children by bike from Karlsruhe June 2020Market square: Fountains gushing in front of the pyramid Culture: “Summer in Karlsruhe” Culture: Guided tours in the municipal galleryBaths businesses: Saunas open againStumbling blocks: Refurbish memories on June 21st nCorona: City supports the use of the Corona-Warn-AppCorona: Valuable use all around pandemicsCity library: Overdrive and online streamingCycle route 15: Further expansion of the Hagsfeld cycle route Real estate market report: Price increase further slowed down Fire brigade: Permanent loan for Unimog MuseumMemorials: Remembering victims of the murders on Air takes summer break Durlach: Children's drive-in cinema in KarlsburgEconomy: concern for KarstadtStadion: East stand usable from SeptemberNature conservation center: New building in RappenwörtBike rental system: “KVV.nextbike” arrives June 2020Corona: Start of the Corona bathing seasonCorona: Fever clinic now closedCorona: Hotlines will be discontinuedCorona: Parents' cafés will open againCorona: Citizens brunch not until next yearCity survey: Living and buildingE-cargo bikes: Stadtwerke Karlsruhe give up to 270 euros subsidy World Council of Churches: "Ideal place" remains host Forest Office: recreational oasis of Karlsruhe city forest Zoological city garden: Gondolettas for everyone Karlsruhe University: Top positions in the ranking of the new ZEIT study guideCulture award: KULT 2020 announcedCulture: Nationwide poster campaign Signal for cultural institutionsCulture: Reintegration into cultural operations: with a special timetable Shoreless digital? ”Culture: Readings online from the sound archive City archive: Baden vote 1970 Adoption: Prof. Dr. Vosskuhle Congratulations: Gerlinde Hämmerle's 80th birthday Congratulations: Meritorious political work Votes from the local council: GREEN: Finances and Corona: Keeping an eye on the future Voices from the local council: CDU: Concrete help instead of ideological principles Voices from the local council: SPD: Finances in the Corona crisis: Karlsruhe shows creative power Voices from the municipal council: KAL / Die PARTTEI: New start of culture support! Voices from the council: FDP: Karlsruhe council = Karlsruhe topics Voices from the council: AfD: Sea rescue ship "Karlsruhe"? Voices from the council: DIE LINKE: Milieu protection for Finally bring Südstadt forwardVotes from the municipal council: FW / FOR: Stadium: cost cap with room for improvement? Work at the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of the 5th municipal council: Clear the way for eventsMemorial council: Supply with water is safeMunicipal council: One year longer lockdown on changesMunicipal council: On art in public Space Migration Advisory Board: C orona crisis as a stress test Work at the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of May 29, 2020 City finances: Corona tears a deep hole in the budget City finances: Show solidarityDurlach: No church service in the palace grounds Constitutional talk: Boost and catching up needBiodiversity: Quite simply, natural reopening of the outdoor pools: Sunbathing makes the beginning again : Jobcenter presented balance sheet 2019Ettlinger Tor - southwest side: With courage and creativity Whitsun and bulky waste rules Main committee: Investing in vehicle fleet Construction committee: Focus on schools and streetsCity history: For the first time private theater estate Karlsruhe Zoo: Gondolettas start the seasonCity library: From library help for learningCity gallery: Guided tours of the City Museum again from Whitsun: Guided tours of the Charleston Show Gardening Office: "Garden Dreams" until June 15, Regulatory and Citizens' Office: Service Center Car and Traffic in "normal operation" Accessibility of the Corona hotlines Strengthening the meeting placesMunicipal council: at the end of June the parish council: Always consider climate relevanceMunicipal council: interim solution for the AugartenschuleMunicipal council: alleviate financial corona sufferingMunicipal council: Robinia benches for the marketplaceMunicipal council: no change of course when building the stadium.Municipal council: reopening of the campsite in sight Resolution to federal and state municipal council: Questions and answersWorking at the city of KarlsruheCalls for tendersIssue of May 22, 2020Combined solution: Kriegsstraße also goes ahead at the topCorona: Fight for restaurateursDomestic violence: Help in the event of assaults Contact point women and work: Still places free for migrant womenCulture: Free entry to the city museum and Städtische Galerie Kultur: Guided tours in the literary museum againMahd concept: Stripes and islands Participation: Funding for projects in Mühlburg Sinti and Roma: Outlawed 80 years ago Population development: Corona slows down immigrationDiversity of species: More again StorksWork at the city of KarlsruheCalls for tendersMay 15, 2020Corona pandemic: Karlsruhe helps Europe Day: Anthem for togethernessUrban planning: Grünwinkel in funding programTRK: Border appeal to Horst SeehoferRubbish collection: Postponements because of Christ's ascension Constitutional discussion: Digital and pandemic committee for public institutions becomes the southern fire station : Visionary with a concrete concept idea Karlsruhe Town Hall: Insect-friendly balcony flowers Congratulations: Döring was always open to dialogueCongratulations: Peter Berendes on his 85th birthdayKrasnodar: OB message of friendshipMunicipal council: Awarding temporary construction contractsMunicipal council: Social district developmentMunicipal council: Promote national league clubs: Karlsruhe should In bloom againSports honors: For the first time by postStadtische Galerie: Enigmatic architecturesClean green: Small dog advertisesHardening Department: Around 180,000 summer flowers in squares and in green spacesVotes from the local council: GREEN: Climate protection is crisis preventionVotes from the local council: CDU: Leading the climate protection concept to success - with realism and pragmatismVotes from the local council: SPD: Resolute action in pandemic timesVotes from the local council: KAL / The party: In the heart Europe - staying united in diversityVotes from the local council: FDP: SystemrelevantVotes from the local council: AfD: “Climate protection” - at any price? Voices from the local council: DIE LINKE: Karlsruhe needs a social and courageous climate protection policyVotes from the local council: FW / FOR: Budget 2021: "Tighten your belt" Work at the City of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of May 8, 2020 European Day on May 9: Message from Mayor Dr. April 2020Corona: Everyday life returnsCorona: Tourist-Info opens the doors againCorona: Support through mask donationCorona: The people in focusMunicipal council: Committee meets in the garden hallDurlach: Old town festival is canceledNatural areas: City asks for consideration Festival summer: Festival postponed, light shows differentCommuter traffic: Across borders Garden dreams 2020: "Trees shape rooms" Karlstor: Now also tight for tramsWaste management: Service is running againCity utilities: "Climate heroes" send a strong signalConstruction work: Repair of the pedestrian bridge Work in the city of KarlsruheTendersApril 17, 2020Corona: Good news despite further blocking of contactsNEO 2020: Bioeconomy in focusInformatiCup : OB congratulates the Dual University on the IT Prize Culture: Internet as a stage / helpVOLKSWOHNUNG: 120 rental apartments for the Waldstadt Forest fire: Smoking and making a fire are currently prohibitedCombined solution: Progress in both sub-projects Economy: garbage collection and retrieval of white goods will soon be back to normalNeighbourhood association: home straight for land use planClimate protection: Karlsruhe advocates climate-effective CO2 taxCityinitiative: delivery campaign flourishes in the cityNature: oak processionary moth should not multiplyCity archive: Tamer des RheinsGurs: Karl Sturmstrasse devastated April 20 closed : Previously closed at the wholesale market Refugee concept: Initial admission expandedNature compass: Discover beautiful things Wild animals: Peace and quiet for young wild animals Europe Day: Video participation campaign Volunteer work: Anme Charging for 1st volunteer fair Fair week: Register now Donate: Stadtwerke help food banks Congratulations: Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup pays tribute to the gallery manager Corona: Acting together in the Corona crisisGutenbergplatz: Market open longerMarket office: relocation of weekly marketsTransport companies: fewer night buses over EasterCity's history: End of the war 75 years agoVotes from the local council: GREEN: Social cohesion in times of the pandemicVotes from the local council: SPD: The culture must live on Voices from the local council: CDU: Together through the corona crisis Voices from the local council: FDP: Corona crisis - and what comes after? Voices from the local council: KAL / Die PARTTEI: Nausgehe? Bish you dabbig? Votes from the municipal council: DIE LINKE: Corona and the errors in the systemVoices from the municipal council: FW: Draw consequences from the corona crisisVoices from the municipal council: AfD: The mayor is silentWork for the city of KarlsruheWork for the city of Karlsruhe April 2020Corona: Karlsruhe citizen services no longer in emergency operation since Monday Corona: Virtual culture on all channelsCorona: Online overview of shopping aidsCorona: Larger intervals at weekly marketsCorona: Associations help in StupferichA Office for waste management: Mobile collection points 2019: Good testimony for the cultural city Planning committee: Three new development plan procedures Local council: Questions and answers Workshop procedure: Participate online at Ettlinger Tor Birthday: Congratulations to Roland Schmider Forst: Baum-Mikado in the city forest Work for the city of K arlsruhe Tenders Issue of March 27, 2020 Corona: Virus throttles services Corona: Cancellations and closings State ordinance: Prohibited for protectionTransport companies: New line concept presentedTransport companies: Local traffic in the Corona locationRent index: Survey beginsChildren’s office: Family phone startsSecond workshop “Ettlinger Tor A specialist south-west side”: More fireworks Promotion of city partnerships: Trilateral school partnershipMunicipal council: Plenum approves municipal purchaseMigration advisory council: Accents for a “colorful city” Refugees: Karlsruhe supports appeal “Cities Safe Haven” EXO: New leaseholder for restaurant in the zoological city gardenWork for the city of KarlsruheApplication of 13th March 2020Annual construction program: Slight decrease in construction program Construction site City council: On Friday special session FameLab: Research and speech talent Weeks against racism: Defying racism "Football stadium in the wildlife park": Current status report Plan intensively on site CANCELED Sunday café: View of Nepal Corona: Current information on the virus urban development program: Ideas for Durlach entranceIKEA: Next phase Durlacher AlleeEuropean Day: Karlsruhe celebrates on May 9th Street Food: Festival in front of the Europabad Urban Building Forum: "It's about an attitude" Climate partner: Waste , Water, Animals Fair: RendezVino and Inventa canceledCombined solution: Kran-Allee on the future boulevard Civil engineering department: Bollard installation in the passageway Forestry department: Trees for urban forest Weiherfeld-Dammerstock: Interim status on potentialsWeek of brotherhood: “Calling grievances by their name” Grötzingen: Sponsorships for fruit trees Forest school council : Plogging and carvingsTown hall: Glockenspiel on a beauty cureCulture: Of irritating beautyCulture: Art full of wit and ironyCulture: “All to Oberreut” Culture compactWorking for the city of KarlsruheApplication of the 6th mobilePsychological counseling center: Parents' evening patchwork familyBad Schönborn: Zehnte K Commune has Karlsruher PassCity administration: Deepened partnershipAmerican library: Bluegrass in the librarySun energy: Boost for photovoltaicsCity history: Ernst Wagner died 100 years agoBäder: Adventure with KAi and SchildiBirthdays: Mayor congratulated Kurt Roth on his 85th birthdayVotes from the local council: GRÜNE: Sustainable mobility instead of road constructionVotes the local council: CDU: Against racism and extremism! Voices from the local council: SPD: German Bicycle Prize for Karlsruhe Voices from the local council: KAL / The party: Gustav Landauer celebrates 150th birthday Voices from the local council: FDP: Green oasis without Christkindlesmarkt? Voices from the local council : AfD: "It has to look democratic" Voices from the local council: DIE LINKE: For sustainable transport solutions for Hagsfeld and Rintheim Voices from the local council: FW / FOR: Future inner city? TendersWork for the city of KarlsruheEdition of the 28th Voices from the local council: AfD: Karlsruher AllerleiVoice n from the municipal council: DIE LINKE: Future North? Future north! Voices from the municipal council: FW / FOR: Off for bread roll taste: What's the point? Working at the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of January 31, 2020 Immediate climate protection measures: Off for bread roll taste Citizens' offices: A good solution for everyone Ettlinger Tor: Contribution to Baukultur Durlacher Allee: Changed traffic routing in memory : Euthanasia in focus Tree planting campaign: Start of theater renovation Children's rights festival: Focus on children's rights Children's office: Courses for parents of adolescents Award: Apply now for integration award Award: European festival award goes to “Das Fest” Digital offer: Year-end In the interactive budget Handing over of signatures: How Organize the Christkindlesmarkt? January 2020IHK New Year's Reception: Organize progress sensibly Urban development: Durlacher city entrance Table tennis: Mayor Mentrup congratulates ASV Grünwettersbach on winning the cup Workshop: Anti-stress course for young people Regulatory and Citizens' Office: Online auction for lost propertyZoo friends: Monetary donation for KrefeldIndoor Meeting: Athletics hotspot in the trade fair Federal Cross of Merit: Mayor Mentrup congratulated Dr. January 2020Ettlinger Tor - Southwest side: Workshop process begins Reopening: Citizens' Office East Vesperkirche: Soul and Stomach Integrate through sport and clubsNatural monument: Looking for supervisors for “Tuscany ”Animal protection prize: Wild animal rescuers honored Krasnodar work for the city of Karlsruhe Tenders Issue of January 3, 2020 Reception: Guilds bring delicacies and worries Reception: City received the carol singersChanukka: Jewish festival of lights celebrated on the market square City archive: Shine of the HoftheaterWedding days: Fair for the very special dayStadtwerke Eiszeit: 8th Karlsruhe Ice Stock TournamentRegion survey 2019: Upper center is attractive for the surrounding area Migration Advisory Board: Language and social support are key to successful integrationBirthdays: Important decisionsBirthdays: Committed to everyone : Millions for drainageMunicipal council: Strengthening the diversity in the cityMunicipal council: The size of the parking areas remainsMunicipal council: Questions and answersConstruction sites: Traffic control on Durlacher AlleeResearch project: Participation through digital technologyForestry office: Forestry reform has been in place since January 1stReal estate office: Help for tree pruningOpen gate: Garden paradise zoological city garden: offspring at RotscheitelmdatenKVV: traffic was manageable Administrative court: volunteer judges wantedBenefizkonzert: help against cold feetStäd table gallery: from 2.January free entryDreikönig: Open doors in the ZKM and in the FameLab gallery: Register nowCity history: Hans Bogislav Groos died 50 years agoCulture CompactVoices from the municipal council: GRÜNE: For a diverse and colorful KarlsruheVotes from the municipal council: CDU: The new marketplace and the Christmas market the local council: SPD: noise makes sick! Votes from the local council: KAL / The party: Responsibility of the public sector: the district officeVotes from the local council: FDP: Best wishes for 2020Votes from the local council: AfD: The unholy phalanx - or how yourself the CDU unmaskedVoices from the local council: DIE LINKE: Marketplace for meeting, doing, discussing and being creativeVotes from the local council: FW / FOR: Future Kaiserstraße - Citizens questioning! Work at the city of Karlsruhe