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Masters courses for SRM graduates. University / technical college. Course of study Course content Important information. Aachen, RWTH University


1 / University of Applied Sciences Degree program Course content Important information Aachen, RWTH University Augsburg, Applied Geography Economic Geography Urban planning offered by the Faculty of Architecture Economic & Public Policy (M.SC.) Environmental Ethics WPF: including applied urban geography, climatology. Specialization: management of contaminated sites, resource geology, communal Management WPF: Regional development, urban / regional marketing, industry & innovation Specialization: urban construction, economics Topics: urban development, regional planning, planning theory, urban development, open space planning Intensive cooperation with municipalities, cities and research Intensive concept and design training Deepening knowledge of economics Identifying economic problems and developing solutions In the General Management module group, you can freely choose from all modules of the Master’s degree programs Dimensions of ecological problem areas and actions Analysis of the ecological orientation of n Institutions and prerequisites: 1. with 210 credits (advanced courses if less possible), NC 2.3 (application by July 15) Future in: including location management Prerequisite: so, NC from 1.94 Start: so Future: so Prerequisite: in architecture, urban or spatial planning or in a specialist discipline, 6-month internship, no NC / SS (application until July 15 or January 15) future as urban planners (preferably with an economics specialization, at least 180 credits), aptitude test + aptitude interview / SS or 15.12) Prerequisite: those who qualify for a profession with 2.5, interview with the student advisory service / SS or)

2 Bamberg, Berlin, Humboldt- Ethics in Public Space Social and Population Geography Gender Studies Geography of the Big City - Human Geography Companies Compulsory modules (e.g. ethics, human-space-environment, environmental-economy) WPF: including sociology, psychology Modules: including political science, public Ethics, Christian ethics Political and ethical problems are discussed Demography, migration, diversity Contents: including human geography, regional social and population geography, society Deepening knowledge of the historical, situational and cultural relativity of gender roles Analyzing interdependencies and gender-related problems Contents: including urban economics, urban agglomerations, social and cultural-geographic aspects of the big city Excursion and study project compulsory future: e.g. in public relations with a good degree, 2 foreign languages ​​/ SS or) future: in NPOs, management consultancies, etc. with at least 3.0 / SS or) future: among others in urban development, SRM, business development, management consultancy limited admission NC 01. to) A wide variety of occupational fields, including in public administration, companies, politics, restricted admission) 2

3 Berlin, Free Management and Marketing Modules: including buyer behavior and marketing communication, empirical research, strategic management, personnel policy, case studies stay abroad in the 3rd semester (e.g. in Australia, Finland or Switzerland) Berlin, TU Monument Preservation Modules: including building survey, building research, monument preservation , Architecture and art history 4-week internship (mostly during the holidays) urban ecology modules: including urban ecology, soil ecology, ecotoxicology, urban and regional planning, environmental analysis, ArGIS urban and regional planning Urban design modules: including methods (statistics, empirical research), urban planning, integrated urban development, spatial planning, law, administration WPF: zb global urban development processes merging of architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape planning 1 year in Berlin, 1 year in Shanghai with at least 180 credits) knowledge of English required semester fees of 290, at least 2 years of work experience locally restricted) with at least 180 credits, locally restricted) Prerequisite: see above, please refer to the admission requirements for achievements (local admission restrictions) Start: see above in a subject-related course of study with local admission restrictions) 3

4 Braunschweig, TU Bremen, Bochum, Ruhr organization, governance and education Urban and regional development Gender studies Geography Sub-areas from political science, sociology, educational science Objective: Concept development for development and change processes in society, politics and organizations Contents: including city and region , Regional economic basics, statistics, strategies of urban renewal, business administration for non-economists 6-week internship in the first year, specialization in the areas of: gender research, cultural, media and literary studies, gender history, social inequality 4-week internship in the 2nd semester abroad in the 3rd Semester in Graz, specialization in the areas of urban and landscape ecology, regional development management, geomatics, external assignments, including 8-week internship in the 2nd semester, a stay abroad in the 3rd semester Prerequisite: with 3.0 (application / SS (application) future, among other things, in public relations and PR or Organizational development, project support, political advice / SS or) Future: in public administrations, public relations, moderation, planning offices Requirements: first restricted admission (apply online) Future: in political work, research, public relations, advice / consulting Requirements: see restricted admission (apply online) / SS or) future, among other things, in urban planning, environmental protection, real estate development 4

5 Darmstadt, TU International Cooperation in Urban Development Governance and Public Policy Course in English Contents: Urban Planning, Urban Development, Urban Management, International Cooperation, case studies 1 year in Darmstadt, 1 year in Grenoble, Rome or Barcelona Modules: including debates on State and administration, mediation of interests, local politics and administration, political control, governance beyond the state, governance and civil society WPF: e.g. Economics, history, sociology, environmental and spatial planning Dresden, TU Cartography Language of instruction: English Objective: Capturing, managing, analyzing and visualizing geodata, dealing with databases and geographic information systems Geography Topics: environmental risks, economic structural change, human geography, geographical methods Focus: urban and regional development , City and regional management, environmental change, English test, aptitude test Financing through Erasmus + scholarship possible Future: including in international urban development projects, city building authorities and consulting firms / SS or) future, including NPOs, associations, political parties, public administrations, opinion research institutions Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in geography or comparable course of study (180 credits) Aptitude test is compulsory (application period) in geography or similar (application period) Professional areas of activity: including urban planning, exploration / protection of natural resources, space-related Consultation 5

6 Düsseldorf, Heinrich- Heine- Duisburg- Essen, Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management Political Communication Urban Culture, Society, Spatial Focus: Linking spatial and scientific knowledge, especially geosciences and transport science or architecture Aim: Dealing with problems and questions about natural resource management and spatial development , Acquisition of methodological skills 6-week internship is compulsory Combination of communication, political science and sociology Topics: Structures & actors in political communication, the public and political culture Practical semester includes modules including: urban geography, urban sociology, urban culture studies, cultural management, strategic urban planning, cultural and social science Content in focus, admission restricted at B2 level NC 2.3 (application period) Professional fields of activity: public administration, urban and regional planning, nature conservation associations, national / inte rnational NPOs, in private planning offices (keyword PPP) with at least 2.3 Future in: Political and business consulting, political public relations, market and opinion research, media and strategic planning, among others in administration, companies or foundations with at least 2.0 ; at C1 level Professional future: strategic urban development, mediation in participatory processes, city marketing, urban and metropolitan research 6

7 Erfurt, Erfurt, FH Erlangen- Nürnberg, Friedrich- Alexander- Political Sciences Urban and Spatial Planning Geography- Cultural Geography Management Contents: public law and fundamentals (law and administration, modern statehood), economic and tax law, political science, sociology modules: planning law, Urban development, open space and landscape planning, sociology of urban living spaces, regional management projects and WPF modules: in-depth cultural geography, inter- / transdisciplinary perspective, in-depth regional geography, research workshop , Company / ethics / society, case studies and projects, managerial finance & accounting specialization e.g. in service management, management of global companies double degree possible in law, economics or social sciences / SS or) future in public administrations, NPOs, trade unions with grade 2.3, letter of motivation) future: city and regional marketing, urban planning, regional management, district development, economic development with at least 2.5 / SS (application will be activated online; for WS mid / end of March, deadline:, for SS beginning / mid-November, deadline:) Future in: science / research, tourism, urban development, political and economic advice Requirements: see above entry test required (information on application see above, deadline:) 7

8 Frankfurt am, Goethe Freiburg, Albert- Ludwigs- Marketing Social Economics Geographies of Globalization Business Administration- Public and Non-Profit Management Contents: Marketing Theory, Market Research, Product and Price Management, Marketing Seminar Specialization eg: Customer Management, B2B Marketing, Strategic Marketing Double Degree possible Contents: general communication science, econometrics, special business administration and economics, personal psychology specialization: economics of social policy, consumer behavior, marketing theory, among other things, students can qualify for specializations Contents: human geography, economic and urban geography, globalization specialization: projects economy and city, economy and region, politics and control Practical phases Contents: Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing, Market Research, Financing, Economics in the Public Sector WPF: Business Administration, Economics, Public Management, Non-Profit Management Prerequisite: so statistical knowledge required (Info For information on the application and deadline, see management) with at least 2.5; Internship (at least 6 weeks) in the field of social economics (application period beginning March to, apply online) Future, among others, in: Personnel and organizational development, marketing, media, research Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in geography or a comparable course of study, letter of motivation, restricted admission (application period prerequisite: Bachelor's degree with at least 2.7, at B2 level Future in: science / research, management of companies and administration 8

9 Gießen, Justus- Liebig- Geography of Global Change Business Administration Democracy and Governance Contents: Global Change, Dimensions of Global Change, Human Geography WPF: Environmental Planning, Cultural Geography, Climate Change, Political Ecology Project Study e.g. Urban Development in Massachusetts Modules are chosen by focus: z-b. Accounting, Controlling, Financial Markets, General Business, Management, Strategy and Finance Classics such as Business Administration and Economics Structure: 1st semester democratization processes, modules democracy, methods; 2nd semester Government / Governance, Norms and Institutions, Global Governance; 3rd semester WPF, Politics; 4 semesters: Master in Geography or a comparable course of study with at least 2.7 (end of application:) with at least good / SS or) Future: companies, associations, public administration, preferably social sciences or combinations (e.g. regional sciences); Advanced courses possible in the 1st semester / SS (deadlines: see above) Göttingen, HAWK Economic Geography and Spatial Development Policy Real Estate Management 14 of the 17 modules are assigned to Economic Geography and Spatial Development Policy English for Geographers in the 1st semester stay abroad, projects and independent studies includes modules: financing, research methods and Statistics, law, real estate industry, international real estate (Germany, Europe, USA, Asia) WPF: portfolio management, facility management, project development Prerequisite: Bachelor in geography (examination board can recognize other courses) Future in: research, authorities, companies (e.g. publishers) Start: SS) Place of study: Holzminden Future in: Real estate companies, brokers, 9

10 facility management company Greifswald, Ernst Moritz Arndt Regional management and economic development modules: regional management, economic development, tourism and regional development, EU law, regional and city marketing, crisis management WPF: empirical methods, funding management, international development management Mandatory modules including: sustainability geography, sustainability theories, regional geography, protected area management , Natural resources in Eastern Europe WPF including: Tourism and sustainability, landscape ecology, project management for geographers Modules: geography, tourism research, destination and project management, economic geography Excursion in the 2nd semester (cost item) WPF: Tourism and environmental risks, forms of tourism, globalization and mobility, sustainability geography and regional development Tourism and Regional Development (M. Sc.) Place of study: Göttingen Future as: zb Regional manager, managing director in the tourism association, marketing manager, business development manager with at least satisfactory, locally restricted 10

11 Hagen, FernUni Governance Modules including: Governance; Institutions, actors and governance; State and Economy in Globalization; State, administration and mediation of political interests; Historical basis of politics Presence days are regulation Halle- Wittemberg, Martin- Luther- Hamburg, HafenCity Empirical Economics and Policy Advice International Area Studies Urban Planning Mandatory modules: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Monetary Economics WPF: e.g. Economic and social statistics, survey techniques, microeconometrics, business ethics and political advice, demographic economics Project work or workshop discussions in the 3rd semester Global knowledge is studied in local contexts, individual design thanks to setting a focus in advance Either economics or regional science compulsory modules: planning, district development, reflections on metropolitan developments WPF, among others: Urban renewal and housing, traffic planning, urban and regional development In-depth urban planning (3 out of 9): e.g. SPSS, urban, required advance modules possible Total costs: 1200 / SS or), online forms available Future in: politics, consulting, private sector, foundations, authorities with at least 2.5; Well-founded knowledge of economics (only advanced courses are offered in the basic course) / SS or) Future: e.g. in large companies, political advice, associations and chambers as well as ministries with at least 2,) Future in: e.g. International spatial development and planning, tourism, NPOs, knowledge of urban planning required Future: depending on the individual specialization, e.g. in urban planning, city marketing, economic development, 11

12 Finances, Regional Policy Research, Real Estate Management Hanover, Leibniz Hanover, HSVN Harz, University of Architecture and Urban Development Economic Geography Municipal Administrative Management (MA.) Public Management Very individual course of study Creation of an independent learning biography with mentor WPF possible Stay abroad welcome Focuses: globalization and regionalization, knowledge and Innovation, business start-up, political design Discussion and project work abroad possible Modules including: local politics and democracy, legal structuring, strategic management, personnel management, administrative ethics, conflict management The course enables access to higher civil service and organizations under public law Aim: Assumption of demanding management, control and coordination tasks in urban planning or similar with at least 2.5 3-month, relevant internship future as an architect (in planning offices, etc.) in geography or similar with at least 3.0 (application period) Future: Research, market research, management consultancy New since December 2014 with 180 credits / SS (please refer to the homepage for application deadlines). Costs: 6700 in administrative science or similar with at least good In the Halberstadt and Wernigerode locations - also part-time (then 4 instead of 3 semesters standard period of study) / SS or) 12

13 Ingolstadt, Katholische Eichstätt- Ingolstadt (Math.- Geography- Faculty) Jena, Friedrich- Schiller- Kaiserslautern, TU Tourism and Regional Planning- Management & Geography Intercultural Personnel Development and Communication Management Public Communication Geography- Focus on Human Geography Urban and Regional Development Combination of Economics, Business Administration, Human Geography, Tourism Focus: Planning, Management, Economic and Cultural Geography International Orientation Modules: Methodology, Intercultural Personnel Development and Communication, Cultural Studies Foreign Languages ​​Compulsory Project Work in the 3rd Semester Modules: Economics and Public Communication, Political Communication Psychology of Public Communication Project Focus: Media Economics , Analysis of social communication, analysis of political communication Compulsory modules: human geography, physical geography, integration area (statistics, cartography), geological history WPF eg: ecology, soci algeography, sociology, soil science modules including: urban development planning, urban redevelopment and renewal, regional management and marketing, communal economics, law, sociology,) (application deadline:) future: public relations, corporate communication department prerequisite and beginning as future in: market and opinion research institutions, communication departments in Companies in geography or similar with at least good, future: both in the public and in the private sector. If you have any further questions, please contact Student Advisory Service 13

14 Kiel, Christian- Albrecht- Konstanz, Leipzig, Environmental Planning and Law, Urban and Regional Development European Master of Governance Economic and Social Geography with a Focus on Urban Spaces Modules: Methods and instruments of environmental planning, environmental sociology, law, environmental economics, environmental precaution in regional development : Analysis of structures, development processes, control options for cities and regions Training profile: urban geography, economic geography, integrated migration research, political science, administrative science, management theory, focus on the analysis of power relationships, conflicts and their solution Specialization (1 out of 3) Objective: economic and socio-geographic theories and to record concepts, structural patterns and impact structures as well as spatially relevant entanglements and interactions in different dimensions and to analyze the corresponding development processes. If you have any further questions, please contact to the study advisory service in geography or similar, NC of 2, future: city and regional management, city marketing, tourism industry, chambers and associations Prerequisite: at least Bachelor, relevant, 2-month internship, at C1 level (application to) Special feature: MA completely in English future: lobbying, finance, administration in geography or similar) 14

15 Marburg, Philipps- Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg Munich, TU Münster, Westfälische Wilhelms- Human Geography Geography - Human Geography Management Urbanism - Landscape and City Human Geography Focus: Regional Innovation Systems, German planning system, globalization, national innovation systems Specialization among others: Innovation management, economic geography, economic policy content : Globalization and Geography, Globalization and Media and Culture, Digital Geography, Globalization and Region Specialization during internship, WPF focuses on either Accounting and Taxation; Finance; Information and Logstics; Management and Marketing Introduction and subsequent specialization Free part for further specialization (e.g. public policy) Analyze and solve the challenge of economic, ecological and social changes caused by global urbanization Consideration of society, climate, environment and spatial discipline Contents: Urban and regional research, political geography, new cultural geography, spatial and planning management project work, with B1 level / SS Nov.-Jan. or June to mid-July) Future: very open job title, versatile or similar) Future: Research, media company, marketing, consulting / SS or) Future: depending on the focus, e.g. Controlling, management consultancy, risk management, brand management including examination of whether the qualification is recognized in Bavaria) 1 year study, 1 year internship (also possible abroad) with at least 2.4 restricted admission 15

16 Osnabrück, Passau, Economic and Social Geography Geography: Culture, Environment, Tourism Governance and Public Policy - Political Science Focuses in: Urban and regional research, society-environmental relations, migration, globalization and development research Project management and study projects Core subjects: Cultural and environmental geography , Regional research and tourism, regional and tourism analysis, management and marketing, specialization in one cultural area Core modules: State theory, governance in a multilevel system, focus: global governance, European integration, law, European history, social change Rostock, demography Aim: imparting knowledge and skills in Analysis and understanding of demographic contexts Modules including: Migration and prognosis, life cycle analysis, causes / consequences of the demograph. Change, social analysis in geography or similar with at least 2.8; / SS or) Future: Economic development, urban development, traffic, trade, tourism with at least 2.5; 8-week internship in spatial planning or economic development May to) with at least 2.3; / SS beginning of May to or end of November to) Future in: ThinkTanks, consultations, politics with at least good, at B2 level

17 Salzgitter, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Triesdorf, Weihenstephan- Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Service management Management in service companies Citizen participation Planning and participation Regional management in mountain areas Modules: Business administration for service companies, methods of DL research WPF: Business administration in tourism, auditing and controlling, Business Administration Taxation Contents: Sociology, Political Science, Sustainability, Corporate Development, Service Management, Leadership, Event Management Contents: Fundamentals of Democracy and Civil Society, Communication, Dialogue / Moderation / Mediation of Citizen Participation, Law, Urban and Regional Planning, Event Management Fundamentals including: Urban and Regional Planning , Administrative Law, Conflict Management Specialization eg: Participation, Spatial Planning and Environmental Planning, Participation Law Specialization among others: Citizen participation in democracies, case studies, planning and participation in the Municipal practice Contents: regional planning and politics in the Alpine region, natural hazards and risk management, agricultural and forestry production, tourism, mountain areas as a protected asset, with at least good / SS future as: auditor, financial service provider, trade employee Admission restricted Costs: currently. 230 online degree course, part-time, at least 1 year of professional experience) in economics, geography, or similar with at least good / SS (SS in Weihenstephan, the WS always in Zollikofen-Switzerland) Future: regional development, wildlife management, 17

18 Intercultural Competence Natural Hazard Management Trier, Vechta, Weimar, Bauhaus-Applied Human Geography Economic Sociology Geography of Rural Areas European Urban Studies Modules: Methods / techniques in human geography, research perspectives, regional and location analysis, etc. WPF among others: structural policy, development concepts, destination management modules, among others: Social policy and inequality, economic institutions, data collection, sociology WPF: Business Administration, Economics Division into 3 areas: Content competence (change in economy and society in times of globalization) Methodological competence (SPSS, data processing) International competence (international experience) Completely in English : Urban Design, Urban Planning, Moderation, Urban Sociology with at least 3.0; / SS with at least 2.5; media competence / SS in geography or similar with at least 3.0 Future: spatial planning, economic development, regional marketing, consulting, location planning University graduation with above-average result, aptitude test) 18

19 Urban studies Contents: urban planning, spatial planning, social-scientific urban research, urban development, architectural theory, monument preservation, landscape architecture Lasts only 2 semesters Wismar, University Integrative City Contents e.g.: local politics, urban development, regional economy, social geography, regional economic cycles, ArGis, urban_Landbarrierefrei Goal: Sustainable social and cultural Development of cities, regions and villages BA Graduates with 180 credits can catch up with 60 credits with above-average results, aptitude test, future in: planning, development, research Distance learning, at least 1 year of professional experience) Semester fee: 2000 (to be funded by employer if necessary) 19