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The Bayeux Tapestry

Novak, Elfriede (2012) The Bayeux Tapestry.
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of historical and cultural studies
Supervisor: Scharer, Anton

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Abstract in German

The present work on the Bayeux Tapestry deals with the description of the pictorial document, its quite controversial production history and the chronology of its transmission. The contemporary sources and thus the historical background of the events and people described in this manual work are discussed. Finally, it is examined whether and how these conflict-laden circumstances, a most likely Norman client and a presumably Anglo-Saxon artist responsible for the design, or Anglo-Saxon embroiderers, have shaped the historical image of the pictorial document. The written contemporary sources are examined using a few examples for divergent Anglo-Saxon and Norman interpretations of the events, v. a. to what extent they served the propaganda of the new Norman elite. In comparison with written Norman and Anglo-Saxon sources, the tapestry shows similarities and deviations. The contradictions can probably be explained by the apparently pro-Norman (propaganda) and the hidden pro-Anglo-Saxon intentions (resistance) ordered. The artist created a work that shows the Norman victory without degrading the defeated Anglo-Saxons or hiding their victims. Furthermore, based on this masterpiece from the Anglo-Norman era, the narrative technique of this time is analyzed and the question is investigated whether the work of art is a novelty or whether and how the narrative technique used here can be found in other works of art.

Keywords in German

Bayeux Tapestry / Normans / Anglo-Saxons / William the Conqueror / Harold of Wessex / Battle of Hastings

Keywords in English

The Bayeux Tapestry / normans / anglo-saxons / William the Conqueror / Harold of Wessex / Battle of Hastings

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